19 years ago[differences between cumulative patch application and perl5.003_27] perl-5.003_27
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 18 Feb 1997 01:22:00 +0000]
[differences between cumulative patch application and perl5.003_27]

19 years ago[inseparable changes from patch from perl5.003_26 to perl5.003_27]
Perl 5 Porters [Tue, 18 Feb 1997 01:22:00 +0000]
[inseparable changes from patch from perl5.003_26 to perl5.003_27]


Subject: Fix eval "" in Configure
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 1997 13:09:53 -0500
From: John L. Allen <allen@gateway.grumman.com>
Files: Configure

    Subject: Re: Configure problem on IRIX - me dumb

    p5p-msgid: <9702141809.AA17001@gateway.grumman.com>

Subject: Don't link with -lsfio if sfio is not requested
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: Configure

Subject: perl5.003_26 Configure change "win" for AIX 4
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 1997 13:59:02 -0600 (CST)
From: Tim Mooney <mooney@dogbert.cc.ndsu.NoDak.edu>
Files: Configure

    p5p-msgid: <Pine.OSF.3.95.970214135751.32654A-100000@dogbert.cc.ndsu.NoDak.edu>
    private-msgid: <Pine.OSF.3.95.970214135751.32654A-100000@dogbert.cc.ndsu.NoD


Subject: Better looks_like_number() function [sv.c]
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 1997 18:08:52 +0100
From: Gisle Aas <aas@bergen.sn.no>
Files: sv.c
Msg-ID: <199702141708.SAA17546@bergen.sn.no>

    (applied based on p5p patch as commit 8dbaa58ee2aba7cc22d84199a674c58bbf108b46)

Subject: Remove redundant functions UNIVERSAL::{class,is_instance}
Date: 14 Feb 1997 15:52:21 +0000
From: Gisle Aas <aas@bergen.sn.no>
Files: pod/perldelta.pod pod/perlobj.pod t/op/universal.t universal.c
Msg-ID: <hwwsbpeq2.fsf@bergen.sn.no>

    (applied based on p5p patch as commit 77bb9b23081b62119e8fbe9f5655b8802e4537ae)

Subject: Allow C<setpgrp $$>
Date: 16 Feb 1997 23:19:12 -0500
From: Roderick Schertler <roderick@gate.net>
Files: pp_sys.c
Msg-ID: <pzraigyshr.fsf@eeyore.ibcinc.com>

    (applied based on p5p patch as commit 3d2573a84a1aa655d5da58c57b3fc20e04d40f9f)

Subject: Fix syntax error on C<&$1>
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: toke.c

Subject: Fix grep() with refs in array context
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: pp.c


Subject: Eliminate $^S; add C<use vmsish qw(status exit time)>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 1997 02:45:26 -0500 (EST)
From: Charles Bailey <bailey@HMIVAX.HUMGEN.UPENN.EDU>
Files: MANIFEST gv.c lib/English.pm lib/ExtUtils/MM_VMS.pm lib/ExtUtils/Mksymlists.pm lib/ExtUtils/xsubpp mg.c op.c perl.c perl.h pod/perldelta.pod pod/perlmod.pod pod/perlvar.pod pp_ctl.c pp_sys.c utils/perldoc.PL vms/Makefile vms/config.vms vms/descrip.mms vms/ext/Stdio/Stdio.pm vms/ext/Stdio/Stdio.xs vms/ext/XSSymSet.pm vms/ext/vmsish.pm vms/vms.c vms/vmsish.h win32/makedef.pl

    private-msgid: <01IFI9CFKL0S004R2V@hmivax.humgen.upenn.edu>


Subject: Remove Fatal.pm
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: MANIFEST lib/Fatal.pm pod/perldelta.pod pod/perlmod.pod pod/roffitall t/lib/fatal.t

Subject: Refresh MakeMaker to 5.40
From: Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafcol.lafayette.edu>
Files: lib/ExtUtils/Liblist.pm lib/ExtUtils/MM_Unix.pm lib/ExtUtils/MakeMaker.pm lib/ExtUtils/Mksymlists.pm


Subject: Fix core dump when embedding
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: perl.c

Subject: Re: Fragile signals
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1997 01:44:39 -0500 (EST)
From: Ilya Zakharevich <ilya@math.ohio-state.edu>
Files: mg.c
Msg-ID: <199702130644.BAA07572@monk.mps.ohio-state.edu>

    (applied based on p5p patch as commit 09df8c7df7dfc9853902f1fdd8a6d95f53be66fc)

Subject: Make format strings correspond exactly to parameters
Date: 13 Feb 1997 17:24:31 -0500
From: Roderick Schertler <roderick@gate.net>
Files: doio.c ext/DB_File/DB_File.xs ext/Opcode/Opcode.xs gv.c op.c perl.c pp_ctl.c pp_sys.c regcomp.c toke.c
Msg-ID: <pz7mkc1h0g.fsf@eeyore.ibcinc.com>

    (applied based on p5p patch as commit bf81aadd817bdea29720b072eef945df2da8463b)

Subject: Don't try to attach 'o' magic to read-only values
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: sv.c

Subject: Fix carriage-return message
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: toke.c

Subject: In <=>, test for equality first
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: pp.c

Subject: Don't mark sv_{true,false} PADTMP
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: op.c

19 years agoMake format strings correspond exactly to parameters
Roderick Schertler [Thu, 13 Feb 1997 22:24:31 +0000]
Make format strings correspond exactly to parameters

Subject: Re: Hereis weirdness in 5.003_26

On Thu, 13 Feb 1997 15:13:18 -0500 (EST), Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net> said:
> According to Ilya Zakharevich:
>> Why was not it catched by gcc prototypes?
> I don't use gcc.  Does anyone who uses gcc compile with -Wproto ?

-Wformat, you mean.  I wasn't previously, but I will in the future.  It
turned up a few bugs (some universal, some which would trigger only
where I32 != int or the like).  I think -Wformat should be added to
CFLAGS automatically when appropriate.

p5p-msgid: <pz7mkc1h0g.fsf@eeyore.ibcinc.com>

19 years agoFix formatting in perldiag
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 17 Feb 1997 05:58:57 +0000]
Fix formatting in perldiag

19 years agoRe: Fragile signals
Ilya Zakharevich [Thu, 13 Feb 1997 06:44:39 +0000]
Re: Fragile signals

Ilya Zakharevich writes:
> Some messages of mine get stuck in the chain:
>         Nico => Debian => floor
> I repost them now:
> As you may remember, the following program
> #!/usr/bin/perl
> sub foo { ++$a }
> $SIG{ALRM} = sub { $run = 0 ; return };
> while (1) {
>   $a = 0;
>   $run = 1;
>   alarm 1;
>   foo while $run;
>   print $i++, ": $a\n";
> }
> die "Not reached";
> __END__
> will not call malloc/realloc/free in sighandler, but nevertheless it
> would not run more than approx. 25 iterations. This shows that 4% of
> subroutine-calling frame is not signal-safe.
> The following patch makes it run approx. twice as long (on _17) (thus

Well, the following patch makes it run 4 times as long. The only
failure mode I have seen was silent walking off runops().

Here is the statistics (number of iterations before failure):

                23, 24, 14, 22, 19, 13, 30, 11
        (4 core dumps, 2 attempts to free unref scalar, 1 panic:
                leave-scope, 1 silent)
                42, 936, 63, 131, 280.
        (all silent)

It looks like handling of internal stacks needs a lot of
improvement. What this patch does is only a symptomatic treatment, but
it may go into 004 nevertheless (especially if one can see why op
becomes 0 at some moment). I tried saving/restoring op in the handler,
but this does not help...

p5p-msgid: <199702130644.BAA07572@monk.mps.ohio-state.edu>

19 years agoUpdate To-Do list
Tim Bunce [Mon, 10 Feb 1997 19:00:59 +0000]
Update To-Do list

Subject: Re: Perl Futures (was: Tentative 5.005 and 5.006 schedules)

p5p-msgid: <9702101900.AA25293@toad.ig.co.uk>

19 years agoAllow C<setpgrp $$>
Roderick Schertler [Mon, 17 Feb 1997 04:19:12 +0000]
Allow C<setpgrp $$>

Subject: Re: Perl question, re: POSIX setpgrp

On Fri, 14 Feb 1997 16:31:53 GMT, Chris Vo <chrisv@on.bell.ca> said:
>>> POSIX setpgrp can't take an argument at ./check_ntp line 21.
> where line 21 reads as:
>       setpgrp (0, $$);

Replace that with just


This does the same thing and will work on all systems.

I think there's a bug here.  Perl is expecting a pgrp arg of 0 to mean
$$, but it doesn't allow an explicit $$.  Even this seems a little odd,
as on neither system I've got available at the moment is it mentioned
that a 0 pgrp means getpid() (they both mention that a 0 pid means
getpid(), though).

p5p-msgid: <pzraigyshr.fsf@eeyore.ibcinc.com>

19 years agopod2man: missing '-' in name section shouldn't be fatal
Ulrich Pfeifer [Mon, 10 Feb 1997 17:38:45 +0000]
pod2man: missing '-' in name section shouldn't be fatal

Subject: pod2man: missing '-' in name section is fatal

p5p-msgid: <yfmzpxcimsa.fsf@ls6.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>

19 years agoRemove redundant functions UNIVERSAL::{class,is_instance}
Gisle Aas [Fri, 14 Feb 1997 15:52:21 +0000]
Remove redundant functions UNIVERSAL::{class,is_instance}

Nick Ing-Simmons <nik@tiuk.ti.com> writes:

> Loose them!

p5p-msgid: <hwwsbpeq2.fsf@bergen.sn.no>

19 years agoRemove non-portable locale tests
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 17 Feb 1997 05:59:16 +0000]
Remove non-portable locale tests

19 years agoBetter looks_like_number() function [sv.c]
Gisle Aas [Fri, 14 Feb 1997 17:08:52 +0000]
Better looks_like_number() function [sv.c]

The old looks_like_number() function was too forgiving.  It classified
strings like these as numbers:


With this patch perl -lwe 'print int(".")' prints:

   Argument "." isn't numeric in int at -e line 1.

as it should and perl still passes all its tests.

p5p-msgid: <199702141708.SAA17546@bergen.sn.no>

19 years agoRefresh Test::Harness to 1.15
Andreas Koenig [Mon, 17 Feb 1997 05:59:16 +0000]
Refresh Test::Harness to 1.15

19 years agoRefresh CPAN.pm to 1.21
Andreas Koenig [Mon, 17 Feb 1997 05:59:13 +0000]
Refresh CPAN.pm to 1.21

19 years agoUpdate os2/diff.configure
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 17 Feb 1997 05:58:59 +0000]
Update os2/diff.configure

19 years agoUpdate Plan 9, Win32, VMS configs with $shortsize and $longsize
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 17 Feb 1997 05:58:59 +0000]
Update Plan 9, Win32, VMS configs with $shortsize and $longsize

19 years ago[dummy merge]
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 18 Feb 1997 01:22:00 +0000]
[dummy merge]

This merge exists so that the p5p version of the patch and the applied
version are both in the history

19 years agoIrix6.4 (with 7.1 compilers)
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 18 Feb 1997 01:22:00 +0000]
Irix6.4 (with 7.1 compilers)

(this is the same change as commit 57d51fe74c853a68e4abef82668e025a797ee752, but as applied)

19 years agoIrix6.4 (with 7.1 compilers)
John Stoffel [Thu, 13 Feb 1997 02:38:51 +0000]
Irix6.4 (with 7.1 compilers)

Subject: Irix6.4 (with 7.1 compilers) passes 100% with patch

>>>>> "John" == John Stoffel <jfs@fluent.com> writes:

John> I had to apply the following patch to the Irix_6_4.sh hints file to
John> get it to compile under Irix 6.4 with the version 7.1 compilers
John> installed.  Thanks to Hallvard Furuseth for pointing out that the
John> pp_sys_cflags line _has_ to be in the left most column.  This leads me
John> to believe that the following hints files will have problems:

Ooops!  I messed up on the patch for Irix_6_2.sh, so here's the
entire patch again to fix the problem as reported under Irix 6.[24].
I don't have a 6.3 machine to test with right now, since I have to
install the compilers first.  More when I get a chance.

p5p-msgid: <199702130238.VAA24468@jfs.Fluent.COM>

19 years ago[dummy merge]
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 18 Feb 1997 01:22:00 +0000]
[dummy merge]

This merge exists so that the p5p version of the patch and the applied
version are both in the history

19 years agoDigital UNIX hints
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 18 Feb 1997 01:22:00 +0000]
Digital UNIX hints

(this is the same change as commit bcbb37e68c8af7f356dd1bf2b25fd24f46baffe3, but as applied)

19 years agoDigital UNIX hints
Jarkko Hietaniemi [Sat, 15 Feb 1997 19:06:33 +0000]
Digital UNIX hints

Subject: Re: Digital UNIX style patch

p5p-msgid: <199702181749.TAA08255@alpha.hut.fi>
private-msgid: <199702151906.VAA22999@alpha.hut.fi>

19 years agoEliminate FP exceptions under SCO 5
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 17 Feb 1997 05:59:02 +0000]
Eliminate FP exceptions under SCO 5

19 years agoFix sub call through magic var (e.g. C<&$1>)
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 10 Feb 1997 22:11:59 +0000]
Fix sub call through magic var (e.g. C<&$1>)

19 years ago[shell changes from patch from perl5.003_26 to perl5.003_27]
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 18 Feb 1997 01:22:00 +0000]
[shell changes from patch from perl5.003_26 to perl5.003_27]

Change from running these commands:

 # this never worked anyway
 rm -f lib/Fatal.pm
 rm -f t/lib/fatal.t

 # ready to patch
 exit 0

19 years ago[inseparable changes from patch from perl5.003_25 to perl5.003_26] perl-5.003_26
Perl 5 Porters [Mon, 10 Feb 1997 19:29:00 +0000]
[inseparable changes from patch from perl5.003_25 to perl5.003_26]


Subject: Make \r in script an error (per Larry)
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: pod/perldiag.pod toke.c


Subject: VMS patches post _25
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 1997 01:56:12 -0500 (EST)
From: Charles Bailey <bailey@HMIVAX.HUMGEN.UPENN.EDU>
Files: Porting/Glossary lib/ExtUtils/Liblist.pm lib/ExtUtils/MM_VMS.pm lib/ExtUtils/xsubpp perl.c vms/Makefile vms/config.vms vms/descrip.mms vms/genconfig.pl vms/perlvms.pod vms/vms.c vms/vmsish.h x2p/a2p.c

    private-msgid: <01IF48W3P39W0050BD@hmivax.humgen.upenn.edu>


Subject: Make diagnostics module strip formatting directives
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: lib/diagnostics.pm pod/perldiag.pod


Subject: Fix (yet another) Tk closure problem
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: op.c perl.c pp_ctl.c

Subject: Fix value of C<foreach>
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: cop.h pp_ctl.c

Subject: Refine 'runaway string' heuristic
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: toke.c

Subject: Fix core dump on C<print "a", last> in eval
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: pp_ctl.c

19 years agoDescribe interation of untie and DESTROY
Paul Marquess [Tue, 4 Feb 1997 09:41:53 +0000]
Describe interation of untie and DESTROY
Signed-off-by: Paul Marquess <pmarquess@bfsec.bt.co.uk>

19 years agoreturn *FH pod patch
John L. Allen [Thu, 6 Feb 1997 15:07:28 +0000]
return *FH pod patch

p5p-msgid: <9702061507.AA04474@gateway.grumman.com>

19 years agoFix pod2man's handling of quotes in =items
Jarkko Hietaniemi [Tue, 4 Feb 1997 20:23:34 +0000]
Fix pod2man's handling of quotes in =items

private-msgid: <199702042023.WAA13143@alpha.hut.fi>

19 years agoperldoc -f <perlfunc>
Gisle Aas [Wed, 5 Feb 1997 11:27:36 +0000]
perldoc -f <perlfunc>

p5p-msgid: <199702051127.MAA02090@bergen.sn.no>

19 years agoFix closure.t for AmigaOS (again)
Norbert Pueschel [Wed, 5 Feb 1997 17:56:45 +0000]
Fix closure.t for AmigaOS (again)

private-msgid: <77724742@Armageddon.meb.uni-bonn.de>

19 years agoFix warning from missing POSIX::setvbuf()
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 3 Feb 1997 22:37:26 +0000]
Fix warning from missing POSIX::setvbuf()

19 years ago[dummy merge]
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 10 Feb 1997 19:29:00 +0000]
[dummy merge]

This merge exists so that the p5p version of the patch and the applied
version are both in the history

19 years agoFaster File::Compare
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 10 Feb 1997 19:29:00 +0000]
Faster File::Compare

(this is the same change as commit 4d335c471cacb999603dc9b7dc6d3712051dbb6c, but as applied)

19 years agoFaster File::Compare
Gisle Aas [Wed, 5 Feb 1997 13:42:49 +0000]
Faster File::Compare

The following optimization speeds up File::Compare with 30% on my
machine (in a test where most files in fact were different).

One could perhaps also optimize the situation where the two files are
the same thing.  Is it portable to compare (stat)[0,1] for the two
files and return 0 if these two numbers are equal?

p5p-msgid: <199702051342.OAA02753@bergen.sn.no>

19 years agoDB_File 1.11 patch
Paul Marquess [Thu, 6 Feb 1997 15:53:34 +0000]
DB_File 1.11 patch

p5p-msgid: <9702061553.AA18147@claudius.bfsec.bt.co.uk>

19 years agoFix usage message in configure.gnu
Jarkko Hietaniemi [Tue, 4 Feb 1997 09:16:40 +0000]
Fix usage message in configure.gnu

19 years agoCatch C<use integer; $x % 0>
Chip Salzenberg [Wed, 5 Feb 1997 20:59:11 +0000]
Catch C<use integer; $x % 0>

19 years agoRe: static buffer in not_a_number() [sv.c] might overflow
Gisle Aas [Sun, 9 Feb 1997 10:55:41 +0000]
Re: static buffer in not_a_number() [sv.c] might overflow

p5p-msgid: <hbu9uz1si.fsf@bergen.sn.no>

19 years agoRegexp optimizations
Ilya Zakharevich [Tue, 4 Feb 1997 11:02:10 +0000]
Regexp optimizations

Subject: Re: Regexp optimizations

p5p-msgid: <199702051450.JAA13439@rio.atlantic.net>
private-msgid: <199702041102.GAA24805@monk.mps.ohio-state.edu>

19 years agoOn C<sysopen(..., O_APPEND)>, call C<fopen(..., "a")>
Chip Salzenberg [Sun, 9 Feb 1997 23:36:54 +0000]
On C<sysopen(..., O_APPEND)>, call C<fopen(..., "a")>

19 years agoHints for BSDOS
Christopher Davis [Tue, 4 Feb 1997 20:11:13 +0000]
Hints for BSDOS

private-msgid: <199702042011.PAA09206@loiosh.kei.com>

19 years agoFix value of system() and $? for DEC UNIX, VMS, others
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 3 Feb 1997 23:16:46 +0000]
Fix value of system() and $? for DEC UNIX, VMS, others

19 years agoSupport '%i' format and 'h' modifier in s?printf
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 4 Feb 1997 23:54:13 +0000]
Support '%i' format and 'h' modifier in s?printf

19 years ago[inseparable changes from patch from perl5.003_24 to perl5.003_25] perl-5.003_25
Perl 5 Porters [Tue, 4 Feb 1997 05:47:00 +0000]
[inseparable changes from patch from perl5.003_24 to perl5.003_25]


Subject: Make $] read-only
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: gv.c

Subject: New variable C<$^S> is a native version of C<$?>
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: doio.c global.sym gv.c interp.sym lib/English.pm mg.c perl.c perl.h pod/perldelta.pod pod/perlfunc.pod pod/perlvar.pod pp_ctl.c pp_sys.c proto.h util.c

Subject: Make $^T work with undump, and don't taint it
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: perl.c


Subject: VMS patches for _24
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 02:34:37 -0500 (EST)
From: Charles Bailey <bailey@HMIVAX.HUMGEN.UPENN.EDU>
Files: ext/DynaLoader/DynaLoader.pm ext/DynaLoader/dl_vms.xs lib/AutoSplit.pm lib/ExtUtils/MM_VMS.pm lib/ExtUtils/MakeMaker.pm perl.h pp_hot.c t/lib/filehand.t t/op/closure.t vms/Makefile vms/config.vms vms/descrip.mms vms/ext/filespec.t vms/vms.c vms/vmsish.h

    private-msgid: <01IEUIFP5038004GQP@hmivax.humgen.upenn.edu>


Subject: Document how extension pms go in $archlib
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: pod/perldelta.pod

Subject: perlfunc.pod tweaks
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 16:20:55 -0500
From: Roderick Schertler <roderick@gate.net>
Files: pod/perlfunc.pod

    private-msgid: <20526.854659255@eeyore.ibcinc.com>

Subject: Error lines must not have trailing periods
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: pod/perldiag.pod


Subject: Make IO::Handle::gets() an alias of getline
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 12:03:15 +0100
From: Gisle Aas <aas@bergen.sn.no>
Files: ext/IO/lib/IO/Handle.pm lib/IO/Handle.pm

    private-msgid: <199701301103.MAA11291@bergen.sn.no>


Subject: Require '-T' in argv[], not just on #! line
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: perl.c pod/perldiag.pod

Subject: Fix C<return @_> and associated stack bugs
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: cop.h pp_ctl.c pp_hot.c t/op/misc.t

Subject: Fix never-closing handle after C<select>
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: pp_sys.c

Subject: Fix /\G/g with patterns that match empty string
From: Ilya Zakharevich <ilya@math.ohio-state.edu>
Files: pp_hot.c

Subject: Don't create AV, HV, IO when assigning glob
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: mg.c


Subject: More Amiga test patches
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 16:07:33 +0100
From: "Norbert Pueschel" <pueschel@imsdd.meb.uni-bonn.de>
Files: README.amiga t/lib/safe2.t t/op/closure.t

    private-msgid: <77724725@Armageddon.meb.uni-bonn.de>

19 years agonew (Feb 1) perlembed.pod
Jon Orwant [Sat, 1 Feb 1997 23:34:59 +0000]
new (Feb 1) perlembed.pod

private-msgid: <9702012334.AA15747@fahrenheit-451.media.mit.edu>

19 years agoUpdate to perl.pod suggested
Larry W. Virden [Thu, 30 Jan 1997 13:45:59 +0000]
Update to perl.pod suggested

private-msgid: <199701301345.IAA16514@cas.org>

19 years agoUpdate to perl INSTALL file
Larry W. Virden [Thu, 30 Jan 1997 13:38:23 +0000]
Update to perl INSTALL file

private-msgid: <199701301338.IAA15878@cas.org>

19 years agoMake pod2man a little laxer for perltoc.pod
Chip Salzenberg [Fri, 31 Jan 1997 09:37:53 +0000]
Make pod2man a little laxer for perltoc.pod

19 years agoc2ph.PL fix
Larry W. Virden [Thu, 30 Jan 1997 13:49:19 +0000]
c2ph.PL fix

private-msgid: <199701301349.IAA16724@cas.org>

19 years agoMake POSIX::is*() eight-bit-clean
Chip Salzenberg [Wed, 29 Jan 1997 06:54:47 +0000]
Make POSIX::is*() eight-bit-clean

19 years agoIn Symbol::gensym, don't make glob fake by copying it
John Hughes [Wed, 29 Jan 1997 22:16:21 +0000]
In Symbol::gensym, don't make glob fake by copying it

19 years agoDebugger update
Ilya Zakharevich [Mon, 3 Feb 1997 04:06:34 +0000]
Debugger update

private-msgid: <199702030406.XAA23029@monk.mps.ohio-state.edu>

19 years agoRefresh CPAN to 1.19
Andreas Koenig [Sun, 2 Feb 1997 15:08:24 +0000]
Refresh CPAN to 1.19

19 years agoAsk about /usr/bin/perl iff STDIN and STDERR are terminals
Chip Salzenberg [Fri, 31 Jan 1997 12:23:07 +0000]
Ask about /usr/bin/perl iff STDIN and STDERR are terminals

19 years agoConfigure updates for intsize and ssizetype
Andy Dougherty [Mon, 3 Feb 1997 10:37:38 +0000]
Configure updates for intsize and ssizetype

19 years agoIgnore refs to lexicals when making refs to lexicals
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 3 Feb 1997 04:01:58 +0000]
Ignore refs to lexicals when making refs to lexicals

19 years agoFix scalar leak in av_unshift
Chip Salzenberg [Fri, 31 Jan 1997 08:56:47 +0000]
Fix scalar leak in av_unshift

19 years agoamigaos.sh
Norbert Pueschel [Wed, 29 Jan 1997 10:39:49 +0000]

Subject: AmigaOS patch (removal)

p5p-msgid: <77724660@Armageddon.meb.uni-bonn.de>
private-msgid: <77724724@Armageddon.meb.uni-bonn.de>

19 years agohints/dec_osf.sh: polishing the comments
Jarkko Hietaniemi [Thu, 30 Jan 1997 19:58:10 +0000]
hints/dec_osf.sh: polishing the comments

private-msgid: <199701301958.VAA08992@alpha.hut.fi>

19 years ago[shell changes from patch from perl5.003_24 to perl5.003_25]
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 4 Feb 1997 05:47:00 +0000]
[shell changes from patch from perl5.003_24 to perl5.003_25]

Change from running these commands:

 # this file has a new name (for sake of metaconfig)
 mv win32/config.h win32/config.H

 # new directory
 test -d lib/Bundle || mkdir lib/Bundle

 # ready to patch
 exit 0

19 years ago[inseparable changes from patch from perl5.003_23 to perl5.003_24] perl-5.003_24
Perl 5 Porters [Wed, 29 Jan 1997 06:11:00 +0000]
[inseparable changes from patch from perl5.003_23 to perl5.003_24]


Subject: glob defaults to $_
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 03:09:13 -0500
From: Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Files: op.c opcode.pl pod/perlfunc.pod t/op/glob.t

    private-msgid: <199701270809.DAA00934@aatma.engin.umich.edu>

Subject: Re: an overloading bug
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 19:07:45 -0500
From: Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Files: pod/perldiag.pod pod/perlfunc.pod pp_ctl.c

    private-msgid: <199701270007.TAA26525@aatma.engin.umich.edu>


Subject: Win32 port
From: Gary Ng <71564.1743@compuserve.com>
Files: MANIFEST win32/*

Subject: Amiga files
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 17:42:15 +0100
From: Norbert Pueschel <pueschel@imsdd.meb.uni-bonn.de>
Files: MANIFEST README.amiga hints/amigaos.sh

    private-msgid: <77724712@Armageddon.meb.uni-bonn.de>


Subject: perldelta Fcntl enhancement
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 17:05:34 +0200 (EET)
From: Jarkko Hietaniemi <jhi@cc.hut.fi>
Files: pod/perldelta.pod

    private-msgid: <199701251505.RAA22159@alpha.hut.fi>

Subject: Updates to perldelta re: Fcntl, DB_File, Net::Ping
From: Paul Marquess <pmarquess@bfsec.bt.co.uk>
Files: pod/perldelta.pod

Subject: Document restrictions on gv_fetchmethod() and perl_call_sv()
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net>
Files: pod/perldelta.pod pod/perlguts.pod

Subject: perldiag.pod: No comma allowed after %s
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 17:41:53 +0200 (EET)
From: Jarkko Hietaniemi <Jarkko.Hietaniemi@cc.hut.fi>
Files: pod/perldiag.pod

    private-msgid: <199701251541.RAA04120@alpha.hut.fi>

Subject: perlfunc.pod: localtime
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 18:29:37 +0200 (EET)
From: Jarkko Hietaniemi <jhi@cc.hut.fi>
Files: pod/perlfunc.pod

    private-msgid: <199701251629.SAA08114@alpha.hut.fi>

Subject: perlfunc diff: gmtime
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 14:52:08 +0000
From: Peter Haworth <pmh@edison.ioppublishing.com>
Files: pod/perlfunc.pod

    private-msgid: <32EE1298.7B90@edison.ioppublishing.com>

Subject: Updates to guts
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 19:34:18 -0500 (EST)
From: Ilya Zakharevich <ilya@math.ohio-state.edu>
Files: pod/perlguts.pod

    private-msgid: <199701270034.TAA13177@monk.mps.ohio-state.edu>


Subject: New test op/closure.t
From: Tom Phoenix <rootbeer@teleport.com>
Files: MANIFEST t/op/closure.t

19 years ago5.003_23: small typo in perlsyn.pod
Gurusamy Sarathy [Mon, 27 Jan 1997 08:24:25 +0000]
5.003_23: small typo in perlsyn.pod

private-msgid: <199701270824.DAA01169@aatma.engin.umich.edu>

19 years agoperltoot fixes
Tom Christiansen [Sat, 25 Jan 1997 17:43:25 +0000]
perltoot fixes

private-msgid: <6807.854214205@jinete>

19 years agoxsubpp handing of void funcs breaks extensions using XST_m*()
Tim Bunce [Mon, 27 Jan 1997 16:59:06 +0000]
xsubpp handing of void funcs breaks extensions using XST_m*()

private-msgid: <9701271659.AA15137@toad.ig.co.uk>

19 years agoAvoid newRV_noinc() in IO, for compiling with old Perls
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 28 Jan 1997 11:11:15 +0000]
Avoid newRV_noinc() in IO, for compiling with old Perls

19 years agoAllow for really big keys in Tie::SubstrHash
Unknown Contributor [Tue, 28 Jan 1997 20:14:34 +0000]
Allow for really big keys in Tie::SubstrHash

private-msgid: <199701282014.VAA12645@selters.uio.no>

19 years agoFix $Is_VMS typo in Test::Harness
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 28 Jan 1997 11:10:05 +0000]
Fix $Is_VMS typo in Test::Harness

19 years agoFcntl.xs: F_[GS]ETOWN were in wrong case branch
Jarkko Hietaniemi [Sat, 25 Jan 1997 15:10:20 +0000]
Fcntl.xs: F_[GS]ETOWN were in wrong case branch

private-msgid: <199701251510.RAA05142@alpha.hut.fi>

19 years agoRefresh Text::Wrap to 97.011701
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 28 Jan 1997 11:10:44 +0000]
Refresh Text::Wrap to 97.011701

19 years agoUpdate $VERSION of DynaLoader and POSIX
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 28 Jan 1997 11:10:49 +0000]
Update $VERSION of DynaLoader and POSIX

19 years agoVersion checking in XS bootstrap is optional
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 28 Jan 1997 11:10:07 +0000]
Version checking in XS bootstrap is optional

19 years agoMake configure{,.gnu} ignore --cache-file option
Norbert Pueschel [Tue, 28 Jan 1997 11:11:17 +0000]
Make configure{,.gnu} ignore --cache-file option

19 years agoConfigure fixes: set $archlib, omit _NO_PROTO
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 28 Jan 1997 11:10:08 +0000]
Configure fixes: set $archlib, omit _NO_PROTO

19 years agoPut all extensions' modules in $archlib
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 28 Jan 1997 11:10:48 +0000]
Put all extensions' modules in $archlib

19 years agoglobal.sym: typo?
Jarkko Hietaniemi [Sun, 26 Jan 1997 19:37:59 +0000]
global.sym: typo?

private-msgid: <199701261937.VAA07556@alpha.hut.fi>

19 years agoFix overloading macro conflict with Digital 'cc -fast'
Jarkko Hietaniemi [Mon, 27 Jan 1997 22:16:49 +0000]
Fix overloading macro conflict with Digital 'cc -fast'

private-msgid: <199701272216.AAA04557@alpha.hut.fi>

19 years agoDon't abort when RCHECK and DEBUGGING
Tim Bunce [Mon, 27 Jan 1997 23:39:48 +0000]
Don't abort when RCHECK and DEBUGGING

private-msgid: <9701272339.AA16537@toad.ig.co.uk>

19 years agoDeref old stash when re-blessing
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 28 Jan 1997 11:11:16 +0000]
Deref old stash when re-blessing

19 years agoPrevent premature death of @_ during leavesub
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 28 Jan 1997 11:11:15 +0000]
Prevent premature death of @_ during leavesub

19 years agoNew dec_osf hints
Jarkko Hietaniemi [Mon, 27 Jan 1997 12:33:01 +0000]
New dec_osf hints

private-msgid: <199701271233.OAA21548@alpha.hut.fi>

19 years agoDon't warn on C<$\ = undef>
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 28 Jan 1997 11:11:49 +0000]
Don't warn on C<$\ = undef>

19 years ago[shell changes from patch from perl5.003_23 to perl5.003_24]
Chip Salzenberg [Wed, 29 Jan 1997 06:11:00 +0000]
[shell changes from patch from perl5.003_23 to perl5.003_24]

Change from running these commands:

 # this file will be executable
 touch t/op/closure.t
 chmod a+x t/op/closure.t

 # ready to patch
 exit 0

19 years ago[inseparable changes from patch from perl5.003_22 to perl5.003_23] perl-5.003_23
Perl 5 Porters [Sat, 25 Jan 1997 03:58:00 +0000]
[inseparable changes from patch from perl5.003_22 to perl5.003_23]


Subject: Make configure.gnu a copy of configure; make configure writea
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net>
Files: MANIFEST configure.gnu

Subject: Regen Configure with metaconfig: +ARCHNAME, -FILE_filbuf
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.com>
Files: Configure config_H config_h.SH hints/lynxos.sh os2/diff.configure os2/os2ish.h plan9/config.plan9 sv.c utils/perlbug.PL vms/config.vms vms/fndvers.com

Subject: Compile with optimization when testing memory functions
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net>
Files: Configure


Subject: Disallow changing $_[0] in __DIE__ handlers
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net>
Files: pod/perlfunc.pod util.c

Subject: Fix overloading with inheritance and AUTOLOAD
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 17:26:32 -0500 (EST)
From: Ilya Zakharevich <ilya@math.ohio-state.edu>
Files: gv.c lib/diagnostics.pm lib/overload.pm pod/perldebug.pod pod/perldiag.pod pod/perlfunc.pod pod/perlop.pod pod/perlre.pod pod/perltoc.pod pod/perlxs.pod
Msg-ID: <199701202226.RAA05072@monk.mps.ohio-state.edu>

    (applied based on p5p patch as commit e7ea3e70155d0bea30720ba41eb6bb6742aac0d1)

Subject: Nested here-docs
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 15:13:42 -0800
From: Larry Wall <larry@wall.org>
Files: toke.c
Msg-ID: <199701202313.PAA11693@wall.org>

    (applied based on p5p patch as commit fd2d0953290ddd46f0820dbd6c87245486b7ab28)

Subject: Revert $^X to old behavior (plus HP-UX bug fix)
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net>
Files: hints/hpux.sh toke.c

Subject: Protect against '0' in 'stmt while <HANDLE>'
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net>
Files: op.c

Subject: Don't warn when closure uses var at file scope
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net>
Files: op.c


Subject: VMS patches for _22
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 22:50:21 -0500 (EST)
From: Charles Bailey <bailey@HMIVAX.HUMGEN.UPENN.EDU>
Files: ext/POSIX/POSIX.xs lib/ExtUtils/MM_VMS.pm lib/ExtUtils/xsubpp lib/Test/Harness.pm toke.c vms/Makefile vms/descrip.mms vms/genconfig.pl vms/perly_c.vms vms/vmsish.h x2p/a2p.h vms/Makefile vms/config.vms vms/descrip.mms vms/perly_c.vms

    private-msgid: <01IEGBJ2TMYS003PCL@hmivax.humgen.upenn.edu>

Subject: Plan9 update
From: Luther Huffman <lutherh@stratcom.com>
Files: plan9/config.plan9 plan9/mkfile

Subject: hints & Configure changes to build perl on DC/OSx
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 16:43:52 -0800
From: Stephen Zander <stephen.zander@interlock.mckesson.com>
Files: Configure MANIFEST hints/dcosx.sh
Msg-ID: <199701170043.QAA25985@wsbip1.mckesson.com>

    (applied based on p5p patch as commit 23f8769697279d7912be5943de9fdf93f6aa3013)


Subject: Additional docs for __DIE__ and __WARN__
From: Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Files: pod/perlfunc.pod pod/perlrun.pod pod/perlvar.pod

Subject: Document #line directive
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 04:08:44 -0500
From: Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Files: pod/perlsyn.pod pod/perltoc.pod

    private-msgid: <199701240908.EAA23846@aatma.engin.umich.edu>

Subject: delta for perldelta
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 07:57:43 -0800
From: Tom Christiansen <tchrist@mox.perl.com>
Files: pod/perlnews.pod pod/perltoc.pod

    private-msgid: <804.854121463@jinete>

Subject: Updates to perldelta
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 06:48:49 -0500 (EST)
From: Ilya Zakharevich <ilya@math.ohio-state.edu>
Files: pod/perlnews.pod pod/perltoc.pod

    private-msgid: <199701211610.LAA06227@monk.mps.ohio-state.edu>

Subject: perlnews.pod diff for the Fcntl
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 18:00:56 +0200 (EET)
From: Jarkko Hietaniemi <jhi@cc.hut.fi>
Files: pod/perlnews.pod

    private-msgid: <199701211600.SAA30117@alpha.hut.fi>

Subject: Rename perlnews -> perldelta per Tom's request
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net>
Files: MANIFEST pod/Makefile pod/buildtoc pod/perl.pod pod/perldelta.pod pod/perltoc.pod pod/roffitall


Subject: Refresh IO to 1.15 (plus DESTROY and new_tmpfile fixes)
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net>
Files: ext/IO/lib/IO/File.pm ext/IO/lib/IO/Handle.pm ext/IO/lib/IO/Pipe.pm ext/IO/lib/IO/Seekable.pm ext/IO/lib/IO/Socket.pm t/lib/io_pipe.t

Subject: Allow IO.xs to remain at 1.15 while $VERSION is 1.1501
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net>
Files: XSUB.h ext/IO/Makefile.PL ext/IO/lib/IO/Handle.pm

Subject: Add E* and SA_* constants
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 21:36:07 -0500
From: Roderick Schertler <roderick@gate.net>
Files: ext/POSIX/POSIX.pm ext/POSIX/POSIX.pod ext/POSIX/POSIX.xs

    private-msgid: <23338.853986967@eeyore.ibcinc.com>


Subject: Make PERL5LIB and -I work like C<use lib>
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 15:23:27 +0000
From: Tim Bunce <Tim.Bunce@ig.co.uk>
Files: lib/lib.pm perl.c

    private-msgid: <9701231523.AA26613@toad.ig.co.uk>

Subject: Fix /\G.a/
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net>
Files: regcomp.c regcomp.h regexec.c regexp.h toke.c

Subject: Extend stack in pp_undef (!)
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net>
Files: pp.c

Subject: Allow for sub to be redefined while executing
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net>
Files: cop.h pp_hot.c t/op/misc.t

Subject: Eliminate redundant flag CVf_FORMAT
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net>
Files: cv.h op.c perl.c perly.c perly.y proto.h sv.c toke.c

Subject: Generate IVs when possible in abs() and int()
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net>
Files: pp.c

Subject: Efficiency patchlet for pp_aassign()
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 22:05:39 -0500 (EST)
From: Ilya Zakharevich <ilya@math.ohio-state.edu>
Files: pp_hot.c
Msg-ID: <199701210305.WAA05451@monk.mps.ohio-state.edu>

    (applied based on p5p patch as commit 7e42bd57a6867e174bc3bc555c3268b485940a98)

Subject: Remove "suidperl security patch" message
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net>
Files: perl.c


Subject: Fix tests of $^X and $0 to work with QNX
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net>
Files: t/lib/io_pipe.t t/lib/open2.t t/lib/open3.t t/op/magic.t

Subject: Patch tests for systems without fork()
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 23:51:28 +0100
From: "Norbert Pueschel" <pueschel@imsdd.meb.uni-bonn.de>
Files: t/io/pipe.t t/lib/filehand.t t/lib/io_pipe.t t/lib/io_sock.t t/lib/open2.t t/lib/open3.t t/op/fork.t

    private-msgid: <77724697@Armageddon.meb.uni-bonn.de>

Subject: Test patches for OS/2
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 23:48:18 -0500 (EST)
From: Ilya Zakharevich <ilya@math.ohio-state.edu>
Files: os2/OS2/ExtAttr/t/os2_ea.t os2/OS2/PrfDB/t/os2_prfdb.t os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_cmprt.t os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_dllld.t os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_objcall.t os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_sql.test os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_tiesql.test os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_tievar.t os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_tieydb.t os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_varset.t os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_vrexx.t t/README t/cmd/while.t t/comp/colon.t t/comp/multiline.t t/io/argv.t t/lib/anydbm.t t/lib/gdbm.t t/lib/ndbm.t t/lib/odbm.t t/lib/sdbm.t t/op/cmp.t t/op/magic.t
Msg-ID: <199701170448.XAA28948@monk.mps.ohio-state.edu>

    (applied based on p5p patch as commit bbad36071d5a6d4be3588f0f10c88247439076d8)


Subject: Translate \200 to &#200; in pod2html
From: Chip Salzenberg <chip@atlantic.net>
Files: pod/pod2html.PL

Subject: VMS patches: '.com' extension on scripts
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 18:42:29 -0500 (EST)
From: Charles Bailey <bailey@HMIVAX.HUMGEN.UPENN.EDU>
Files: pod/checkpods.PL pod/pod2html.PL pod/pod2latex.PL pod/pod2man.PL pod/pod2text.PL utils/c2ph.PL utils/h2ph.PL utils/h2xs.PL utils/perlbug.PL utils/perldoc.PL utils/pl2pm.PL utils/splain.PL vms/Makefile vms/descrip.mms x2p/find2perl.PL x2p/s2p.PL

    private-msgid: <01IELNPDLYJM003E7J@hmivax.humgen.upenn.edu>

19 years agoRemove bad advice from perllocale.pod
Chip Salzenberg [Fri, 24 Jan 1997 09:26:16 +0000]
Remove bad advice from perllocale.pod

19 years agoTest patches for OS/2
Ilya Zakharevich [Fri, 17 Jan 1997 04:48:18 +0000]
Test patches for OS/2

a) Teaches tests in os2/OS2/*/* new format of $Config{extensions};
 os2/OS2/ExtAttr/t/os2_ea.t os2/OS2/PrfDB/t/os2_prfdb.t
 os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_cmprt.t os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_dllld.t
 os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_objcall.t os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_sql.test
 os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_tiesql.test os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_tievar.t
 os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_tieydb.t os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_varset.t

b) Closes all the files before unlinking - for DOSISH systems;
 t/cmd/while.t t/comp/multiline.t t/io/argv.t t/lib/anydbm.t
 t/lib/gdbm.t t/lib/ndbm.t t/lib/odbm.t t/lib/sdbm.t

c) t/README mentions running `harness' to get better granularity;

d) New test op/lex_assign.t added - will check optimization of lexicals
when applied - 153 cases (some just ignored since hard to implement).
 MANIFEST t/op/lex_assign.t

e) When a script is started via shell, $Config{exe_ext} may be appended.

f) path/echo may print a warning if run without args

g) Error explanations more verbose
  t/op/cmp.t t/op/magic.t

p5p-msgid: <199701170448.XAA28948@monk.mps.ohio-state.edu>

19 years agoPerlguts version 30
Jeff Okamoto [Fri, 17 Jan 1997 21:17:43 +0000]
Perlguts version 30

Subject: Re: Perl 5.003_22 is available

p5p-msgid: <199701172118.AA116655938@hpcc123.corp.hp.com>
private-msgid: <199701172117.AA116515863@hpcc123.corp.hp.com>

19 years agoEfficiency patchlet for pp_aassign()
Ilya Zakharevich [Tue, 21 Jan 1997 03:05:39 +0000]
Efficiency patchlet for pp_aassign()
Ilya Zakharevich writes:
> With this patch applied the Tom's program
>       use integer;
>       @a=map int(rand(30000)), 1..100000;
>       @b = sort {$a <=> $b} @a;
> Runs in 10.3M (sbrk-en).

Here is another tiny patch to pp_aassign: it preallocates the
array. Memory saving is not very big for the above script (5%), but the
speed advantage may be bigger.


> Memory allocation statistics after compilation: (buckets 8..524288)
>    13080 free:    13   109    39     2    13   2   3     2   2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
>  4933288 used:   211   251   519   184    35   6   5  3226   3 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 3
> Total sbrk():  4960256. Odd ends: sbrk():       0, malloc():    1408 bytes.
> Memory allocation statistics after execution:   (buckets 8..1048576)
>   529848 free:    13   109    38     1    13   1   1     2   1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0
>  9782280 used:   211   251   520   185    35   7   7  5914   4 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 4 1
> Total sbrk(): 10375168. Odd ends: sbrk():       0, malloc():    1408 bytes.

Here is the new data, note the absense of "tails" of growing arrays.

Memory allocation statistics after compilation: (buckets 8..524288)
   13080 free:    13   109    39     2    13   2   3     2   2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
 4933288 used:   211   251   519   184    35   6   5  3226   3 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 3
Total sbrk():  4960256. Odd ends: sbrk():       0, malloc():    1408 bytes.
Memory allocation statistics after execution:   (buckets 8..1048576)
   11704 free:    13   109    38     1    13   1   3     1   2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
 9796616 used:   211   251   520   185    35   7   5  6439   3 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 4 1
Total sbrk():  9830400. Odd ends: sbrk():       0, malloc():    1408 bytes.

> It is 100 bytes per element. Since an integer array takes 24 bytes per
> element here, and there are only 3 arrays around (precalculated
> 1..100000, @a and @b), there is some other leak.
> Apparently <=> converts arguments to NV.

No, all this is wrong. It is 20bytes/elt, and we have stack,
mortals-stack, 1..100000, @a and @b.

Everything is OK now, including <=>.


p5p-msgid: <199701210305.WAA05451@monk.mps.ohio-state.edu>

19 years agoFirst cut at INSTALL edit
Chip Salzenberg [Fri, 24 Jan 1997 09:25:45 +0000]
First cut at INSTALL edit

19 years agohints & Configure changes to build perl on DC/OSx
Stephen Zander [Fri, 17 Jan 1997 00:43:52 +0000]
hints & Configure changes to build perl on DC/OSx

p5p-msgid: <199701170043.QAA25985@wsbip1.mckesson.com>

19 years agoAllow MakeMaker 5.34 to use libraries containing '+' in name
Dennis Marsa [Fri, 17 Jan 1997 20:27:32 +0000]
Allow MakeMaker 5.34 to use libraries containing '+' in name

Subject: MakeMaker 5.34 and libraries containing '+' characters...

p5p-msgid: <9701172027.AA27861@orion.cyrix.com>

19 years agoNested here-docs
Larry Wall [Mon, 20 Jan 1997 23:13:42 +0000]
Nested here-docs

p5p-msgid: <199701202313.PAA11693@wall.org>

19 years agoTest nested here-docs
Hugo van der Sanden [Tue, 21 Jan 1997 00:53:44 +0000]
Test nested here-docs

Subject: Re: Nested here-docs

p5p-msgid: <199701210053.AAA02139@crypt.compulink.co.uk>

19 years agopatch for LWP 5.05 to make it play with both 5.003 and 5.003_20 + overload patch
Ilya Zakharevich [Mon, 20 Jan 1997 22:26:32 +0000]
patch for LWP 5.05 to make it play with both 5.003 and 5.003_20 + overload patch

19 years agoRefresh CPAN to 1.15
Andreas Koenig [Fri, 24 Jan 1997 09:25:46 +0000]
Refresh CPAN to 1.15

19 years agoFcntl: add more constants
Jarkko Hietaniemi [Sun, 19 Jan 1997 18:11:22 +0000]
Fcntl: add more constants

Subject: O_EXLOCK, O_SHLOCK to Fcntl.

p5p-msgid: <199701191717.TAA17694@alpha.hut.fi>
private-msgid: <199701191811.UAA16346@alpha.hut.fi>

19 years agoDynaLoader enhancement: support RTLD_GLOBAL
Nick Ing-Simmons [Fri, 24 Jan 1997 09:37:18 +0000]
DynaLoader enhancement: support RTLD_GLOBAL

private-msgid: <199701240937.JAA11443@pluto.tiuk.ti.com>

19 years agoDebugger update
Ilya Zakharevich [Sun, 19 Jan 1997 04:54:59 +0000]
Debugger update

Subject: Re: Perl 5.003_21: debugger patches

p5p-msgid: <199701190455.XAA02579@monk.mps.ohio-state.edu>

19 years agoMinor patch for Debian installation
Chip Salzenberg [Fri, 24 Jan 1997 09:24:59 +0000]
Minor patch for Debian installation

19 years agoWhen sorting, promote to PVNV only for built-in comparison
Chip Salzenberg [Fri, 24 Jan 1997 09:25:01 +0000]
When sorting, promote to PVNV only for built-in comparison

19 years agopatch for hints/cxux.sh perl5.003_22
Tom Horsley [Sun, 19 Jan 1997 20:14:04 +0000]
patch for hints/cxux.sh perl5.003_22

p5p-msgid: <9701192014.AA05722@amber.ssd.hcsc.com>