17 years agoLook for Linux FILE structure in libio.h, for glibc-2.1. p4/maint-5.004/perl GitLive-maint-5.004
Chip Salzenberg [Wed, 26 May 1999 17:19:11 +0000]
Look for Linux FILE structure in libio.h, for glibc-2.1.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3485

17 years agoFix a few scripts' permissions. perl-5.004_05
Chip Salzenberg [Thu, 29 Apr 1999 19:08:59 +0000]
Fix a few scripts' permissions.
Update MANIFEST and, yet again, Changes.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3296

17 years agoFinal release: Update patchlevel.h and Changes.
Chip Salzenberg [Thu, 29 Apr 1999 19:00:28 +0000]
Final release:  Update patchlevel.h and Changes.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3295

17 years agoRefresh emacs/*.
Chip Salzenberg [Thu, 29 Apr 1999 18:52:16 +0000]
Refresh emacs/*.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3294

17 years agoFix shebang lines.
Chip Salzenberg [Thu, 29 Apr 1999 18:50:49 +0000]
Fix shebang lines.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3293

17 years agoEliminate SysV IPC tests that don't work reliably.
Chip Salzenberg [Thu, 29 Apr 1999 18:16:45 +0000]
Eliminate SysV IPC tests that don't work reliably.
Maybe the next patch will include IPC::SysV.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3290

17 years agoFix non-core-XS bug in MM_VMS.pm.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 27 Apr 1999 17:12:38 +0000]
Fix non-core-XS bug in MM_VMS.pm.
(from Dan Sugalski <sugalskd@osshe.edu>)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3288

17 years agoFix SysV IPC tests to allow for ids of zero.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 27 Apr 1999 13:36:27 +0000]
Fix SysV IPC tests to allow for ids of zero.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3287

17 years agoUpdate Solaris 2.x hints.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 27 Apr 1999 13:16:07 +0000]
Update Solaris 2.x hints.
(from Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafayette.edu>)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3286

17 years agoAdd 'okfile' target to makefile.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 27 Apr 1999 13:02:43 +0000]
Add 'okfile' target to makefile.
(from Hugo van der Sanden <hv@crypt.compulink.co.uk>)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3285

17 years agoTweak ordering of Porting/makerel.
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 26 Apr 1999 23:33:18 +0000]
Tweak ordering of Porting/makerel.
Update MANIFEST and, yet again, Changes.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3283

17 years agoUpdate Changes again for last few patches.
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 26 Apr 1999 23:17:37 +0000]
Update Changes again for last few patches.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3282

17 years agoUpdate OpenBSD hints.
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 26 Apr 1999 23:12:28 +0000]
Update OpenBSD hints.
(from Todd Miller <Todd.Miller@courtesan.com>)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3281

17 years agoAllow AIX to use Perl's malloc if user insists on it.
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 26 Apr 1999 23:11:10 +0000]
Allow AIX to use Perl's malloc if user insists on it.
(from Kurt Starsinic)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3280

17 years agoMake &AutoLoad::AUTOLOAD reentrant.
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 26 Apr 1999 23:09:26 +0000]
Make &AutoLoad::AUTOLOAD reentrant.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3279

17 years agoRefresh AutoLoader to 5.55.
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 26 Apr 1999 23:08:29 +0000]
Refresh AutoLoader to 5.55.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3278

17 years agoUpdate Changes and patchlevel.h for maint trial 9.
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 26 Apr 1999 23:03:00 +0000]
Update Changes and patchlevel.h for maint trial 9.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3277

17 years agoMake porting scripts executable.
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 26 Apr 1999 22:34:36 +0000]
Make porting scripts executable.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3276

17 years agoMerge most of Porting directory from mainline.
Chip Salzenberg [Mon, 26 Apr 1999 22:21:43 +0000]
Merge most of Porting directory from mainline.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3275

17 years agoExplain next/last/redo a bit more in perlfunc.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:57:52 +0000]
Explain next/last/redo a bit more in perlfunc.
(from M.J.T. Guy <mjtg@cus.cam.ac.uk>)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3253

17 years agoRebuild embed.h. (Forgot.)
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:33:25 +0000]
Rebuild embed.h.  (Forgot.)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3252

17 years agoEliminate false Configure warning about LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:31:50 +0000]
Eliminate false Configure warning about LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
(It's now set automatically during the build process.)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3251

17 years agoFix check for glibc, so it'll work with 2.1.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:30:57 +0000]
Fix check for glibc, so it'll work with 2.1.
(back-formation from 5.006-to-be)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3250

17 years agoRefresh hints for FreeBSD.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:30:22 +0000]
Refresh hints for FreeBSD.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3249

17 years agoAutomatically set LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or equivalent) during the
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:29:59 +0000]
Automatically set LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or equivalent) during the
build process.  (back-formation from 5.006-to-be)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3248

17 years agoNew config variable $ignore_versioned_solibs, for Linux.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:29:08 +0000]
New config variable $ignore_versioned_solibs, for Linux.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3247

17 years agoDon't use 'nm' under AIX.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:28:17 +0000]
Don't use 'nm' under AIX.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3246

17 years agoMake AutoSplit harder to fool.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:27:49 +0000]
Make AutoSplit harder to fool.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3245

17 years agoFix some broken document links. (from Tom Christiansen)
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:27:17 +0000]
Fix some broken document links.  (from Tom Christiansen)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3244

17 years agoRefresh Text::Wrap to 98.112902.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:26:21 +0000]
Refresh Text::Wrap to 98.112902.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3243

17 years agoUse locale in Pod::Html and Pod::Text.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:25:10 +0000]
Use locale in Pod::Html and Pod::Text.
Fix typos in Pod::Text.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3242

17 years agoRevert argument list change in export_to_level.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:21:49 +0000]
Revert argument list change in export_to_level.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3241

17 years agoAdd 'no_modify' to list of variables in 5.005.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:21:18 +0000]
Add 'no_modify' to list of variables in 5.005.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3240

17 years agoRefresh perlport to 1.39. (from Chris Nandor)
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:20:23 +0000]
Refresh perlport to 1.39.  (from Chris Nandor)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3239

17 years agoFix typo in perlxstut.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:19:38 +0000]
Fix typo in perlxstut.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3238

17 years agoClear errno on successful C<require>.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:19:10 +0000]
Clear errno on successful C<require>.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3237

17 years agoAdd test of C<goto> interaction with AUTOLOAD.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:17:50 +0000]
Add test of C<goto> interaction with AUTOLOAD.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3236

17 years agoMake Text::ParseWords handle some delimiters with spaces.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:15:51 +0000]
Make Text::ParseWords handle some delimiters with spaces.
(The full fix, using /(?-x:$foo)/, can't work in 5.004.)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3235

17 years agoProperly handle tainted operations when -U is set.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:14:22 +0000]
Properly handle tainted operations when -U is set.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3234

17 years agoNew config variable $installusrbinperl, defaulting 'undef'
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:13:02 +0000]
New config variable $installusrbinperl, defaulting 'undef'
for NetBSD.  (from Jarkko)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3233

17 years agoUpdate NetBSD hints.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:09:05 +0000]
Update NetBSD hints.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3232

17 years agoRefresh Getopt::Long to 2.19.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:07:41 +0000]
Refresh Getopt::Long to 2.19.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3231

17 years agoProperly diagnose missing roots in rmtree().
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:06:19 +0000]
Properly diagnose missing roots in rmtree().

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3230

17 years agoPreserve errno from importunities of sfio.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:04:14 +0000]
Preserve errno from importunities of sfio.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3229

17 years ago fix longstanding bug: searches for lexicals originating within eval''
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:02:33 +0000]
   fix longstanding bug: searches for lexicals originating within eval''
       weren't stopping at the subroutine boundary correctly
(back-formation from change 3037)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3228

17 years agoRecord Linux libc version.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:00:47 +0000]
Record Linux libc version.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3227

17 years agoDisable setuid execution if 'nosuid' mount option specified.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 6 Apr 1999 19:32:40 +0000]
Disable setuid execution if 'nosuid' mount option specified.
(Original fix from Jarkko; hand-hackery of Configure by Chip.)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3222

17 years agoSet CDPATH="." only if it's already set to something else.
Chip Salzenberg [Tue, 6 Apr 1999 19:27:50 +0000]
Set CDPATH="." only if it's already set to something else.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@3221

17 years agoupdate README.win32 in maint-5.004
Gurusamy Sarathy [Fri, 4 Dec 1998 03:47:42 +0000]
update README.win32 in maint-5.004

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2447

17 years agoUpdate MANIFEST for dna.small.gif.uu (change 2445)
Tim Bunce [Thu, 3 Dec 1998 15:52:59 +0000]
Update MANIFEST for dna.small.gif.uu (change 2445)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2446

17 years agoShip dna.small.gif uuencoded.
Tim Bunce [Thu, 3 Dec 1998 15:49:32 +0000]
Ship dna.small.gif uuencoded.
Update Changes and patchlevel.h for maint trial 8.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2445

17 years agoConfigure supplies bad ccflags for Irix/GCC combo
Kurt D. Starsinic [Thu, 3 Dec 1998 13:05:18 +0000]
Configure supplies bad ccflags for Irix/GCC combo

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2442

17 years ago"hints/freebsd.sh signal handler type"
Anton Berezin [Thu, 3 Dec 1998 00:30:03 +0000]
"hints/freebsd.sh signal handler type"
Msg-ID:  <864srhhvcv.fsf@lion.plab.ku.dk>
 Files:  hints/freebsd.sh

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2439

17 years ago"erroneous 'none' in lddlflags"
Andy Dougherty [Thu, 3 Dec 1998 00:28:30 +0000]
"erroneous 'none' in lddlflags"
 Files:  Configure

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2438

17 years ago"defined and tie'ed hashes"
Gurusamy Sarathy [Mon, 30 Nov 1998 18:22:06 +0000]
"defined and tie'ed hashes"
Msg-ID:  <199811281759.MAA11474@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  pp.c

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2422

17 years ago"Problems with ExtUtils::Liblist on Win32: -L -> -libpath -> -l(ibpath)"
Gurusamy Sarathy [Mon, 30 Nov 1998 18:15:22 +0000]
"Problems with ExtUtils::Liblist on Win32: -L -> -libpath -> -l(ibpath)"
Msg-ID:  <199811280515.AAA18658@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  lib/ExtUtils/Liblist.pm

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2421

17 years agoApply MachTen malloc allignment work-around to NeXT.
Tim Bunce [Mon, 30 Nov 1998 18:12:10 +0000]
Apply MachTen malloc allignment work-around to NeXT.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2420

17 years agoAdd Configure config.msg warning mechanism from 5.005. Use it to warn
Jarkko Hietaniemi [Mon, 30 Nov 1998 18:08:51 +0000]
Add Configure config.msg warning mechanism from 5.005. Use it to warn
about LD_LIBRARY_PATH if appropriate (eg Digital UNIX aka DEC OSF/1)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2419

17 years agoCopied change 2353 by Jarkko Hietaniemi.
Tim Bunce [Mon, 30 Nov 1998 17:51:16 +0000]
Copied change 2353 by Jarkko Hietaniemi.
Locale collation, ctype, and numeric, were initialized wrong
(if LC_ALL or LANG were unset, so were the collation/ctype/numeric),
as reported by Ilya.Sandler@etak.com (Ilya Sandler)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2418

17 years ago"Fix noises from the VC linker on RunPerl()"
Gurusamy Sarathy [Fri, 27 Nov 1998 16:59:39 +0000]
"Fix noises from the VC linker on RunPerl()"
Msg-ID:  <199811210900.EAA07670@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  win32/perllib.c

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2331

17 years agowin32 portability fix: make sysread() and syswrite() work on sockets
Tim Bunce [Fri, 27 Nov 1998 16:58:40 +0000]
win32 portability fix: make sysread() and syswrite() work on sockets
win32_recvfrom() compatibility fix
[Changes 2254 and 2255 by gsar]

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2330

17 years ago fix C<if (...) { package Foo; ... }> misoptimization that fails
Tim Bunce [Fri, 27 Nov 1998 16:56:15 +0000]
   fix C<if (...) { package Foo; ... }> misoptimization that fails
   to set the package for the block properly
[Change 2299 by gsar@aatma on 1998/11/26 06:51:16]

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2329

17 years agoAssorted (5.004 specific) fixes:
Tim Bunce [Fri, 27 Nov 1998 16:51:18 +0000]
Assorted (5.004 specific) fixes:

 Title:  "Improve test for failed csh glob (-w warn on core dump)"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199811230134.UAA07516@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  pp_hot.c

 Title:  "Fix K&R compiler error on pad_findlex 'prototype'"
  From:  Paul Marquess <pmarquess@bfsec.bt.co.uk>
Msg-ID:  <199811231209.MAA23125@zog.bfsec.bt.co.uk>
 Files:  op.c

 Title:  "Reversed embedvar (PL_foo) required for 5.004_0x"
  From:  Nick Ing-Simmons <nick@ni-s.u-net.com>
Msg-ID:  <199810171143.MAA11663@ni-s.u-net.com>
 Files:  embed.pl

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2328

17 years agoUpdated Changes file and patchlevel.h for 5.004_05 trial 7.
Tim Bunce [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 22:28:06 +0000]
Updated Changes file and patchlevel.h for 5.004_05 trial 7.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2292

17 years agoUpdated Porting/patchls utility.
Tim Bunce [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 22:23:09 +0000]
Updated Porting/patchls utility.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2291

17 years agoFix "<-l>" typo reported by pod2man warning.
Tim Bunce [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 22:19:44 +0000]
Fix "<-l>" typo reported by pod2man warning.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2290

17 years ago"pod2man bug in date generated line"
Kurt D. Starsinic [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 21:50:45 +0000]
"pod2man bug in date generated line"
Msg-ID:  <19981120131523.A464@O2.chapin.edu>, <tqyap6fg3u.fsf@puma.genscan.com>
 Files:  pod/pod2man.PL

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2289

17 years ago"Buglet in Sys::Syslog.pm (with fix)"
Henrik Tougaard [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 21:46:11 +0000]
"Buglet in Sys::Syslog.pm (with fix)"
Msg-ID:  <Pine.OSF.3.95.981117092651.1492C-100000@sula.pensam.dk>
 Files:  lib/Sys/Syslog.pm

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2288

17 years agoUpdated CPAN and CGI versions to CPAN-1.40 and CGI-2.42.
Tim Bunce [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 21:12:04 +0000]
Updated CPAN and CGI versions to CPAN-1.40 and CGI-2.42.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2287

17 years ago"(5.005_02) a2p should use `chomp' instead of `chop'"
Mark-Jason Dominus [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 17:45:32 +0000]
"(5.005_02) a2p should use `chomp' instead of `chop'"
Msg-ID:  <19981030192423.27276.qmail@plover.com>
 Files:  x2p/walk.c

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2283

17 years ago"the 4_05-MT6 UNICOS 9.0.1ai C90 miniperl crash"
Jarkko Hietaniemi [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 17:42:59 +0000]
"the 4_05-MT6 UNICOS 9.0.1ai C90 miniperl crash"
Msg-ID:  <199810121203.PAA26999@alpha.hut.fi>
 Files:  hints/unicos.sh

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2282

17 years ago"groups test needs to use id command on some systems"
Jarkko Hietaniemi [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 17:26:27 +0000]
"groups test needs to use id command on some systems"
Msg-ID:  <oee3e8aqtew.fsf@alpha.hut.fi>
 Files:  t/op/groups.t

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2281

17 years ago"die with a reference should use overload "" operator"
Graham Barr [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 17:19:34 +0000]
"die with a reference should use overload "" operator"
Msg-ID:  <19981024214550.C508@pobox.com>
 Files:  pp_ctl.c

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2280

17 years ago"bugfix: hv_delete and ~ magic"
Alan Burlison [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 17:13:21 +0000]
"bugfix: hv_delete and ~ magic"
Msg-ID:  <363A0850.293FFE13@uk.sun.com>,
 Files:  hv.c

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2279

17 years ago"Auto-incrementing tied scalar causes SEGV"
Graham Barr [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 17:05:25 +0000]
"Auto-incrementing tied scalar causes SEGV"
Msg-ID:  <19981024124521.C512@pobox.com>
 Files:  sv.c

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2278

17 years ago"[PATCH 5.005_02, 5.004_04] hints/sco.sh update"
Andy Dougherty [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 16:36:13 +0000]
"[PATCH 5.005_02, 5.004_04] hints/sco.sh update"
Msg-ID:  <Pine.SUN.3.96.981119093507.21456D-100000@newton.phys>
 Files:  hints/sco.sh

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2277

17 years ago"Remove spurious /* dTHR; */"
Andy Dougherty [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 16:35:14 +0000]
"Remove spurious /* dTHR; */"
         <gsar@engin.umich.edu>, Nick Ing-Simmons <nik@tiuk.ti.com>
Msg-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.96.980730101045.17514A-100000@newton.phys>
 Files:  mg.c sv.c

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2276

17 years ago"[PATCH 5.004/5.005/5.006]Doc patch to VMS::Stdio module"
Hans Mulder [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 16:31:58 +0000]
"[PATCH 5.004/5.005/5.006]Doc patch to VMS::Stdio module"
Msg-ID:  <>
 Files:  vms/ext/Stdio/Stdio.pm

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2275

17 years agoPreserve errno around fcntl(fd,F_SETFD,fd > maxsysfd) in do_open()
Tim Bunce [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 16:25:46 +0000]
Preserve errno around fcntl(fd,F_SETFD,fd > maxsysfd) in do_open()

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2274

17 years agoImprove op/die_exit.t test for implicit close changing $!
Tim Bunce [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 16:17:43 +0000]
Improve op/die_exit.t test for implicit close changing $!

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2273

17 years agoUpdate perlhit.pod to 1.53
Tim Bunce [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 16:09:26 +0000]
Update perlhit.pod to 1.53

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2272

17 years ago"Complete.pm patch (version 1.1)"
Brian Callaghan [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 16:05:20 +0000]
"Complete.pm patch (version 1.1)"
Msg-ID:  <3654CA96.B64FCAEB@itginc.com>
 Files:  lib/Term/Complete.pm

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2271

17 years agoRevert to 5.004_04 glob error check (too many csh's give bad status)
Tim Bunce [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 16:01:27 +0000]
Revert to 5.004_04 glob error check (too many csh's give bad status)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2270

17 years agoJumbo patch from Sarathy based on the following changes
Tim Bunce [Sun, 22 Nov 1998 15:08:38 +0000]
Jumbo patch from Sarathy based on the following changes
(together with a few other assorted fixes)

 Parent change 1072 by gsar@aatma on 1998/06/04 01:49:24

[win32] document CORE::GLOBAL:: and global overriding, fix up
File::DosGlob, testsuited and all

 Parent change 1131 by gsar@aatma on 1998/06/14 19:33:36

Message-ID: <pz3edaedog.fsf@eeyore.ibcinc.com>
From: Roderick Schertler <roderick@argon.org>
Subject: [PATCH] Re: Exceptions in IPC::Open2
Date: 12 Jun 1998 13:24:15 -0400

 Parent change 1134 by gsar@aatma on 1998/06/15 04:07:18

various win32 odds and ends
 - added support for waitpid(), open2/open3, and a bugfix for kill()
   from Ronald Schmidt <RonaldWS@aol.com>
 - tweak testsuite mods of above
 - regenerate win32/config_H.?c
 - change kill() to win32_kill() and export it
 - coalesce common code in win32.c
 - add PerlProc_waitpid() and export win32_waitpid()
result builds and passes on the three win32 compilers

 Parent change 1226 by gsar@aatma on 1998/06/28 17:12:56

Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 05:37:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tom Phoenix <rootbeer@teleport.com>
Subject: Better diags for vars.pm
Message-ID: <Pine.GSO.3.96.980623052846.24075A-100000@user2.teleport.com>

 Parent change 1678 by gsar@aatma on 1998/08/02 03:24:29

fix MM_Win32::maybe_command()

 Parent change 1679 by gsar@aatma on 1998/08/02 03:29:41

MM_Win32::maybe_command() case-insesitivity tweak

 Parent change 1738 by gsar@aatma on 1998/08/05 09:08:33

support :nosearch in ExtUtils::Liblist for win32, and make -lfoo
processing (somewhat) compiler-specific

 Parent change 1740 by gsar@aatma on 1998/08/05 10:05:46

update Changes, patchlevel, tweak Liblist.pm

 Parent change 1746 by gsar@aatma on 1998/08/05 22:55:59

MM_Win32.pm and Liblist.pm tweaks

 Parent change 1750 by gsar@aatma on 1998/08/07 21:51:52

allow more compatible interpretation of spaces File::DosGlob::glob()

 Parent change 1796 by gsar@aatma on 1998/09/23 01:31:32

perl.pod tweak

 Parent change 1806 by gsar@aatma on 1998/09/23 03:36:08

support make written in perl (aka "pmake") on win32

 Parent change 1831 by gsar@aatma on 1998/09/23 07:19:30

document 'U' magic with examples
From: Alan Burlison <Alan.Burlison@UK.Sun.com>
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 15:54:06 +0100 (BST)
Message-Id: <199809011455.PAA00631@sale-wts>
Subject: Re: Looking for some XS MAGIC examples...

 Parent change 1848 by gsar@aatma on 1998/09/23 10:25:24

From: Roderick Schertler <roderick@argon.org>
Date: 11 Sep 1998 16:19:21 -0400
Message-ID: <pzyarqpfli.fsf@eeyore.ibcinc.com>
Subject: Re: Open2 and memory leaks

 Parent change 1853 by gsar@aatma on 1998/09/23 10:46:06

make Pod/Html.pm handle the --title option properly (as suggested
by gml4410@ggr.co.uk)

 Parent change 1857 by gsar@aatma on 1998/09/23 10:58:36

From: Ilya Zakharevich <ilya@math.ohio-state.edu>
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 17:30:16 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <199809222130.RAA17034@monk.mps.ohio-state.edu>
Subject: More verbose Test::Harness [PATCH]

 Parent change 1871 by gsar@aatma on 1998/09/24 07:26:37

correct FSF address in various places

 Parent change 1886 by gsar@aatma on 1998/09/25 04:47:32


 Parent change 1914 by gsar@aatma on 1998/10/02 04:05:36

normalize tm struct passed to strftime() with mktime()
From: Spider Boardman <spider@orb.nashua.nh.us>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 15:12:09 -0400
Message-Id: <199809301912.PAA26119@Orb.Nashua.NH.US>
Subject: [PATCH 5.005_52] Re: POSIX::strftime returns incorrect date

 Parent change 1943 by gsar@aatma on 1998/10/13 02:06:09

ensure recursive attempts to findlex()icals know enough about where
the last eval'' context was encountered

 Parent change 1944 by gsar@aatma on 1998/10/13 03:15:50

change#1614 merely disabled earlier fix (doh!); undo it and properly
fixup the cop_seq value that must be seen by lexical lookups that
emanate within eval''

 Parent change 1945 by gsar@aatma on 1998/10/13 03:32:02

defer "deep recursion" warnings until CXt_SUB context is properly
set up

 Parent change 1948 by gsar@aatma on 1998/10/14 05:38:01

two typos

 Parent change 1966 by gsar@aatma on 1998/10/15 02:19:03

tweak to make fix in change#1944 behave correctly for closures
created within eval''

 Parent change 1974 by gsar@aatma on 1998/10/15 23:53:25

s/last/first/ typo in append_list()

 Parent change 1988 by gsar@aatma on 1998/10/17 01:49:05

stray typo found by Hugo van der Sanden

 Parent change 1998 by gsar@aatma on 1998/10/17 03:00:40

skip readonly vars and unref references when doing a reset()

 Parent change 2003 by gsar@aatma on 1998/10/17 04:11:40

silence -w noises (suggested by Greg Bacon)

 Parent change 2014 by gbarr@monty on 1998/10/17 20:31:42

Fix POSIX::sigprocmask not to check type of $old parameter
as it is output only

 Parent change 2030 by gsar@aatma on 1998/10/21 04:22:53

fix handling of mayhaps-extended @_ in goto &sub
   (including later followup fix)

 Parent change 2057 by gsar@aatma on 1998/10/25 05:40:40

integrate change#2053 from maint-5.005

 Parent change 2060 by gsar@aatma on 1998/10/25 06:37:34

handle '::' in section names properly
From: Graham Barr <gbarr@pobox.com>
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998 12:57:54 -0500
Message-ID: <19981017125754.C510@pobox.com>
Subject: Re: pod2html

 Parent change 2067 by gsar@aatma on 1998/10/25 06:50:19

From: jan.dubois@ibm.net (Jan Dubois)
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 00:55:51 +0200
Message-ID: <36380269.55370608@smtp1.ibm.net>
Subject: Make _really_ sure Dynaloader.xs code is initialized only once

 Parent change 2068 by gsar@aatma on 1998/10/25 06:54:43

From: Zachary Miller <zcmiller@simon.er.usgs.gov>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 20:52:20 -0500
Message-Id: <199810210152.UAA07792@simon.er.usgs.gov>
Subject: Exporter.pm's export_to_level() argument handling buggy

 Parent change 2069 by gsar@aatma on 1998/10/25 06:59:03

From: Martijn Koster <mak@excitecorp.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 13:12:03 +0100
Message-ID: <19981021131203.A15661@excitecorp.com>
Subject: File::Path::mkpath reports the wrong error

 Parent change 2149 by gsar@aatma on 1998/10/30 19:38:15

From: Roderick Schertler <roderick@argon.org>
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 14:50:18 -0500
Message-ID: <17625.909690618@eeyore.ibcinc.com>
Subject: patch for daemonization docs in perlipc

 Parent change 2152 by gsar@aatma on 1998/10/30 21:08:11

mention the C<$SIG{CHLD} = 'IGNORE'> special case

 Parent change 2210 by gsar@aatma on 1998/11/06 20:36:50

fix AvREALISH bogusness

 Parent change 2224 by gsar@aatma on 1998/11/09 03:13:14

avoid endless loops in Text::Wrap (from a suggestion by Lupe
Christoph <lupe@alanya.m.isar.de>)

 Parent change 2233 by gsar@aatma on 1998/11/13 09:43:03

doc tweak

 Title:  "v5.4.6.2b odds and ends"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199811142210.RAA12455@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  perl.c win32/Makefile win32/config.bc win32/config.vc

p4raw-link: @2053 on //depot/maint-5.005/perl: 2c3f7d309175811e431d5baa7695e7610e2fa584
p4raw-link: @1944 on //depot/perl: 6b35e00972a13cc3d5e641e82fd498a9d9f6a324
p4raw-link: @1614 on //depot/perl: bd28dd3ca083953e5682058b02b9529902e14ca9

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@2269

18 years agoAssorted patches:
Tim Bunce [Fri, 9 Oct 1998 15:58:53 +0000]
Assorted patches:

 ------  CORE LANGUAGE  ------

 Title:  "glob with non-existent directory -> make warning non-mandatory"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>, Jim Avera <avera@fjst.com>
Msg-ID:  <199810012224.PAA29890@membrane.ssd.hal.com>,
 Files:  pod/perldiag.pod pp_hot.c

 Title:  "perl does not build on Cray T90"
  From:  Mark P Lutz <tecmpl1@triton.ca.boeing.com>
Msg-ID:  <199808312113.VAA53356@triton.ca.boeing.com>
 Files:  toke.c

 Title:  "pp_require clobbers compiling.cop_line"
  From:  larry@wall.org (Larry Wall)
Msg-ID:  <199808300005.RAA23473@wall.org>
 Files:  pp_ctl.c

 ------  DOCUMENTATION  ------

 Title:  "Update perlform.pod to clarify \n\t\f and \r in formats"
  From:  Colin Kuskie <ckuskie@cadence.com>
Msg-ID:  <Pine.GSO.3.96.980826143507.3258K-100000@pdxmail.cadence.com>
 Files:  pod/perlform.pod

 ------  LIBRARY  ------

 Title:  "Fix File::Find to work in tainted mode"
  From:  Ed Jordan <ed@chronos.net>, Jochen Wiedmann <joe@ispsoft.de>, Randal
         Schwartz <merlyn@stonehenge.com>
Msg-ID:  <35F3DF42.CCEA269D@ispsoft.de>, <8cemtmkwgb.fsf@gadget.cscaper.com>,
 Files:  lib/File/Find.pm

 Title:  "Make File::Find work when wanted() is autoloaded or a symbolic ref"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199810020248.WAA10478@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  lib/File/Find.pm

 ------  PORTABILITY - GENERAL  ------

 Title:  "Further refine hint/hpux.sh fix for cppstdin and cpprun"
  From:  Jeff Okamoto <okamoto@xfiles.intercon.hp.com>
Msg-ID:  <199809021706.KAA26349@xfiles.intercon.hp.com>
 Files:  hints/hpux.sh

 Title:  "Allow dlerror to be a macro when HAS_DLERROR is undefined", "broken
         wait.ph causes problems for Test::Harness"
  From:  Tim Bunce
 Files:  ext/DynaLoader/dl_dlopen.xs lib/Test/Harness.pm

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@1938

18 years agoMajor docs update to 5.005_02 (where appropriate)
Tim Bunce [Fri, 25 Sep 1998 23:48:15 +0000]
Major docs update to 5.005_02 (where appropriate)

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@1894

18 years agoAssorted patches:
Tim Bunce [Fri, 25 Sep 1998 22:39:26 +0000]
Assorted patches:

 ------  CORE LANGUAGE  ------

 Title:  "ensure implicit close on local(*FH) doesn't affect $! and thence $?"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199807312350.TAA17104@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  sv.c t/op/die_exit.t

 Title:  "Fixes for pre-ANSI compilers (eg SunOS 4)"
  From:  Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafcol.lafayette.edu>
Msg-ID:  <Pine.SUN.3.96.980729131556.16587O-100000@newton.phys>
 Files:  mg.c op.c pp_ctl.c sv.c

 ------  DOCUMENTATION  ------

 Title:  "Update pod/perlhist.pod"
  From:  Jarkko Hietaniemi <jhi@cc.hut.fi>
Msg-ID:  <199808030850.LAA04656@alpha.hut.fi>
 Files:  pod/perlhist.pod

 ------  EXTENSIONS  ------

 Title:  "use $ENV{MAKEMAKEROPT} to set default command line args"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199809240804.EAA17332@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  lib/ExtUtils/MakeMaker.pm

  From:  Nicholas Clark <nick@flirble.org>
Msg-ID:  <199807281540.QAA04640@flirble.org>
 Files:  ext/POSIX/POSIX.pm ext/POSIX/POSIX.xs

 ------  PORTABILITY - GENERAL  ------

 Title:  "Fixup patches for VMS"
  From:  Dan Sugalski <sugalskd@osshe.edu>
Msg-ID:  <>
 Files:  t/lib/filecopy.t t/op/defins.t vms/descrip.mms

 ------  TESTS  ------

 Title:  "Add tests for C<for $i (@a) { return($i) }>"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199809181818.OAA09898@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  t/cmd/for.t

 ------  UTILITIES  ------

 Title:  "h2ph misquotes #error directives"
  From:  "Kurt D. Starsinic" <kstar@chapin.edu>
Msg-ID:  <19980820205903.A12908@O2.chapin.edu>
 Files:  t/lib/h2ph.pht utils/h2ph.PL

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@1893

18 years agoAssorted patches:
Tim Bunce [Fri, 25 Sep 1998 19:17:29 +0000]
Assorted patches:

 ------  CORE LANGUAGE  ------

 Title:  "Fix off-by-one in change#623 that broke lexical lookups in eval''"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199807211951.PAA01022@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  pp_ctl.c

 Title:  "NetBSD patches"
  From:  Hubert Feyrer <feyrer@rfhs8012.fh-regensburg.de>, Jarkko Hietaniemi
Msg-ID:  <Pine.GSO.4.00.9807271320340.20208-100000@rfhs8028.fh-regensburg.de>,
 Files:  hints/netbsd.sh makedepend.SH pod/perldiag.pod perl.h perl.c

 Title:  "Fix memory corruption in select"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>, Lupe Christoph
Msg-ID:  <199807251749.TAA22347@alanya.m.isar.de>,
 Files:  pp_sys.c

 Title:  "Better CR-handling on shebang line and in formats"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>, Igor Sysoev <igor@nitek.ru>
Msg-ID:  <199808191352.RAA23006@mail.nitek.ru>,
 Files:  perl.c toke.c

 Title:  "make C<goto &sub> AUTOLOAD-aware"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199809240701.DAA16223@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  pp_ctl.c

 Title:  "check ferror() only if read() returned 0"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199807180224.WAA23107@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  pp_sys.c

 Title:  "fix memory leak in C<local(*foo) = 'bar'>"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199807210049.UAA27342@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  scope.c

 Title:  "no csh, no globbing, no error - fixed"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199808011809.OAA00528@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  pp_hot.c

 Title:  "warn on C<my($foo,$foo)>"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199809230824.EAA27936@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  pod/perldiag.pod op.c

 Title:  "end pod processing when source file is closed"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199808050106.VAA08668@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  t/comp/require.t toke.c

 Title:  "fix small memory leak when mess_sv happens to be touched by magic"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199807210053.UAA27374@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  perl.c t/op/local.t t/op/pat.t t/op/regexp.t

 Title:  "Fix problems with unpack u, q and Q formats. Add tests."
  From:  "M.J.T. Guy" <mjtg@cus.cam.ac.uk>, Jarkko Hietaniemi <jhi@iki.fi>
Msg-ID:  <199808030826.LAA12262@alpha.hut.fi>,
 Files:  pp.c t/op/pack.t

 ------  DOCUMENTATION  ------

 Title:  "Doc bug in perldelta.pod for "Explicit blessing to ''""
  From:  Christopher Masto <chris@tinky-winky.netmonger.net>, Tom Christiansen
Msg-ID:  <199809181852.OAA08231@tinky-winky.netmonger.net>,
 Files:  pod/perldiag.pod

 Title:  "Doc fix for split."
  From:  "M.J.T. Guy" <mjtg@cus.cam.ac.uk>
Msg-ID:  <E0z6td9-0001Ll-00@taurus.cus.cam.ac.uk>
 Files:  pod/perlfunc.pod

 Title:  "Remove duplicate diagnostic"
  From:  "M.J.T. Guy" <mjtg@cus.cam.ac.uk>
Msg-ID:  <E0z1WPm-0007fG-00@taurus.cus.cam.ac.uk>
 Files:  pod/perldiag.pod

 Title:  "Clarify sub return context"
  From:  "M.J.T. Guy" <mjtg@cus.cam.ac.uk>
Msg-ID:  <E0yyHDF-0002J7-00@ursa.cus.cam.ac.uk>
 Files:  pod/perlsub.pod

 ------  PORTABILITY - GENERAL  ------

 Title:  "Update hints/README.hints"
  From:  Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafcol.lafayette.edu>
Msg-ID:  <Pine.SUN.3.96.980924104423.6688A-100000@newton.phys>
 Files:  hints/README.hints

p4raw-link: @623 on //depot/maint-5.004/perl: e811c00b2f4acecfa354c70062bc82a1157cebc4

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@1892

18 years agoAssorted patches:
Tim Bunce [Wed, 23 Sep 1998 23:47:32 +0000]
Assorted patches:

 ------  BUILD PROCESS  ------

 Title:  "Fix AIX pwgecos glitch"
  From:  Jarkko Hietaniemi <jhi@cc.hut.fi>
Msg-ID:  <199807281243.PAA88818@vipunen.hut.fi>
 Files:  Configure

 ------  CORE LANGUAGE  ------

 Title:  "Minor nit in glob notation"
  From:  Stephen McCamant <alias@mcs.com>
Msg-ID:  <13764.54929.60137.104838@alias-2.pr.mcs.net>
 Files:  op.c

 Title:  "Fix for command line use of source filters"
  From:  pmarquess@bfsec.bt.co.uk (Paul Marquess)
Msg-ID:  <9808070959.AA28190@claudius.bfsec.bt.co.uk>
 Files:  perl.c

 ------  DOCUMENTATION  ------

 Title:  "perlfunc.pod: improve umask entry"
  From:  Nathan Torkington <gnat@frii.com>
Msg-ID:  <199808131659.KAA06179@prometheus.frii.com>
 Files:  pod/perlfunc.pod

 Title:  "Add some XS MAGIC examples to perlguts.pod"
  From:  Alan Burlison <Alan.Burlison@UK.Sun.COM>
Msg-ID:  <199809011455.PAA00631@sale-wts>
 Files:  pod/perlguts.pod

 ------  EXTENSIONS  ------

 Title:  "Fixes for localeconv and improved locale documentation"
  From:  Jarkko Hietaniemi <jhi@iki.fi>
Msg-ID:  <199807292202.BAA32156@alpha.hut.fi>
 Files:  pod/perllocale.pod ext/POSIX/POSIX.xs

 Title:  "Fix Liblist.pm to find entries that are plain pathnames on win32"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199807220613.CAA05655@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  lib/ExtUtils/Liblist.pm

 Title:  "Make MakeMaker handle EXE_FILES before 'test'"
  From:  andreas.koenig@kulturbox.de (Andreas J. Koenig)
Msg-ID:  <sfchfya46eo.fsf@dubravka.in-berlin.de>
 Files:  lib/ExtUtils/MM_Unix.pm

 ------  LIBRARY  ------

 Title:  "Remove commented version number in Getopt::Long"
  From:  Johan Vromans <jvromans@squirrel.nl>
Msg-ID:  <13748.55168.397720.564438@phoenix.squirrel.nl>
 Files:  lib/Getopt/Long.pm

 Title:  "Math::BigInt <=> op is not correct."
  From:  "M.J.T. Guy" <mjtg@cus.cam.ac.uk>
Msg-ID:  <E0yzlfF-0004kz-00@taurus.cus.cam.ac.uk>
 Files:  lib/Math/BigInt.pm t/lib/bigintpm.t

 Title:  "Upgraded assorted files to 5.005_02 versions"
 Files:  Porting/pumpkin.pod lib/AutoLoader.pm lib/Benchmark.pm
         lib/SelfLoader.pm lib/Test.pm lib/File/Spec.pm
         lib/Getopt/Std.pm lib/Pod/Html.pm lib/Sys/Syslog.pm
         lib/Term/ReadLine.pm lib/Test/Harness.pm

 ------  PORTABILITY - GENERAL  ------

 Title:  "issues with sort in 'make test' on IRIX 6.3 IP32"
  From:  Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafcol.lafayette.edu>
Msg-ID:  <Pine.SUN.3.96.980721141726.8231P-100000@newton.phys>
 Files:  hints/irix_6.sh

 Title:  "Update hints, Configure for MachTen 4.1.1"
  From:  Dominic Dunlop <domo@computer.org>
Msg-ID:  <v03110701b1ef51341837@[]>
 Files:  Configure hints/machten.sh

 Title:  "Updated patchls utility"
 Files:  Porting/patchls

 ------  TESTS  ------

 Title:  "t/op/eval.t test for eval & scoping of lexicals"
  From:  Anton Berezin <tobez@plab.ku.dk>
Msg-ID:  <199807211946.VAA01301@lion.plab.ku.dk>
 Files:  t/op/eval.t

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@1858

18 years agoUpdate Changes and patchlevel.h for release. At last.
Tim Bunce [Mon, 20 Jul 1998 22:14:11 +0000]
Update Changes and patchlevel.h for release. At last.

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@1583

18 years agoAssorted patches:
Tim Bunce [Mon, 20 Jul 1998 17:16:38 +0000]
Assorted patches:

 Title:  "Clean up hash array allocation"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199807201052.GAA13336@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  hv.c

 Title:  "Further fixes for cppstdin on HP-UX 11"
  From:  Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafcol.lafayette.edu>
Msg-ID:  <Pine.SUN.3.96.980720124202.6585B-100000@newton.phys>
 Files:  hints/hpux.sh

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@1580

18 years agoAssorted patches:
Tim Bunce [Mon, 20 Jul 1998 09:46:14 +0000]
Assorted patches:

 Title:  "Fix C<$1 .. $2> coredump under debugger"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199807200042.UAA23288@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  pp_ctl.c

 Title:  "Fix lvalue leaks stemming from failure to free LvTARG(sv)"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199807191829.OAA12433@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  embed.h perl.h proto.h global.sym mg.c sv.c t/op/substr.t t/op/vec.t

 Title:  "fix major bug (from 5.003_96); void contexts were using the context
         of the enclosing sub!"
  From:  Francois Desarmenien <desar@club-internet.fr>, Gurusamy Sarathy
Msg-ID:  <199807180927.FAA08032@aatma.engin.umich.edu>,
 Files:  op.h

 Title:  "Update lib/Getopt/Long.pm (from perl5.005 beta 1)"
  From:  Johan Vromans <jvromans@squirrel.nl>
Msg-ID:  <13745.47704.943964.34613@phoenix.squirrel.nl>
 Files:  lib/Getopt/Long.pm

 Title:  "Add Porting/p4d2p utility for converting perforce diffs"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199807200002.UAA21398@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  MANIFEST Porting/p4d2p

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@1579

18 years ago"Make failed matches return empty list in list context"
Paul E. Maisano [Mon, 20 Jul 1998 08:28:17 +0000]
"Make failed matches return empty list in list context"
         <gsar@engin.umich.edu>, Paul Maisano <pem@aaii.oz.au>
Msg-ID:  <199807200002.UAA21398@aatma.engin.umich.edu>,
 Files:  pod/perlop.pod pp_hot.c t/op/pat.t

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@1577

18 years ago"win32 update from 5.005 beta 2 for 5.004_05"
Gurusamy Sarathy [Mon, 20 Jul 1998 08:11:37 +0000]
"win32 update from 5.005 beta 2 for 5.004_05"
Msg-ID:  <199807192332.TAA20905@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  win32/include/dirent.h win32/include/sys/socket.h proto.h
         lib/ExtUtils/Liblist.pm lib/ExtUtils/Mksymlists.pm
         win32/win32.h win32/win32iop.h README.win32 installperl
         pp_ctl.c win32/Makefile win32/config.bc win32/config.vc
         win32/config_H.bc win32/config_H.vc win32/config_h.PL
         win32/config_sh.PL win32/dl_win32.xs win32/makedef.pl
         win32/makefile.mk win32/pod.mak win32/win32.c
         win32/win32sck.c win32/bin/pl2bat.pl

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@1576

18 years agoAssorted patches:
Paul Johnson [Sat, 18 Jul 1998 22:04:58 +0000]
Assorted patches:

 Title:  "Minor fixes to MakeMaker docs re ExtUtils::Embed"
Msg-ID:  <19980718155847.D903@west-tip.transeda.com>
 Files:  lib/ExtUtils/MakeMaker.pm

 Title:  "Update t/op/array.t (from 5.005 beta 1)"
 Files:  t/op/array.t

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@1539

18 years ago"Remove flawed '// with parens or $&' performance patch (Change 662)"
M.J.T. Guy [Sat, 18 Jul 1998 21:57:50 +0000]
"Remove flawed '// with parens or $&' performance patch (Change 662)"
         larry@wall.org (Larry Wall)
Msg-ID:  <19980717015308.E6244@ig.co.uk>, <199807171819.LAA13771@wall.org>,
 Files:  cop.h embed.h perl.h proto.h regexp.h gv.c interp.sym perl.c pp.c
         pp_ctl.c pp_hot.c regexec.c scope.c

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@1538

18 years agoAssorted patches:
Tim Bunce [Sat, 18 Jul 1998 01:51:52 +0000]
Assorted patches:

 Title:  "Fix @a=@a=qw(...) properly"
  From:  Stephen McCamant <alias@mcs.com>
Msg-ID:  <13742.49404.367751.437966@alias-2.pr.mcs.net>
 Files:  opcode.h

 Title:  "Larry's patch to support CR LF in scripts (updated)"
  From:  Gisle Aas <gisle@aas.no>, larry@wall.org (Larry Wall)
Msg-ID:  <199807120054.RAA19550@wall.org>, <m3iukw63da.fsf@furu.g.aas.no>
 Files:  t/comp/multiline.t toke.c

 Title:  "Change getc() docs to match behaviour. Make read() return undef on
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199807052257.SAA10004@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  pod/perlfunc.pod pp_sys.c

 Title:  "Update patchls utility"
 Files:  Porting/patchls

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@1525

18 years agoAssorted patches:
Tim Bunce [Thu, 16 Jul 1998 22:23:25 +0000]
Assorted patches:

 Title:  "Allow $SIG{CHLD}='IGNORE' to work (reap zombies) on Solaris"
  From:  Albert Dvornik <bert@genscan.com>, Chip Salzenberg <chip@perl.org>
Msg-ID:  <19980708181055.A8005@perlsupport.com>,
 Files:  util.c

 Title:  "Document perltrap on precedence of keys/values/each"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199807151857.OAA04704@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  pod/perltrap.pod

 Title:  "perlbook.pod patch"
  From:  Tom Christiansen <tchrist@chthon.perl.com>
Msg-ID:  <199807140037.SAA04556@chthon.perl.com>
 Files:  pod/perlbook.pod

 Title:  "perlmod.pod patch"
  From:  Tom Christiansen <tchrist@chthon.perl.com>
Msg-ID:  <199807140109.TAA04678@chthon.perl.com>
 Files:  pod/perlmod.pod

 Title:  "Fix bug in IO::Handle->input_record_separator"
  From:  Robin Barker <rmb1@cise.npl.co.uk>, Swen Thuemmler
Msg-ID:  <199807161400.PAA25532@tempest.cise.npl.co.uk>,
 Files:  ext/IO/lib/IO/Handle.pm

 Title:  "update h2ph, Math::Complex and Math::Trig (from 5.005 beta 1)"
 Files:  lib/Math/Complex.pm lib/Math/Trig.pm t/lib/complex.t t/lib/h2ph.t
         t/lib/trig.t utils/h2ph.PL

 Title:  "Update hints/irix_6.sh"
  From:  Scott Henry <scotth@sgi.com>
Msg-ID:  <yd890lu1nu1.fsf@hoshi.engr.sgi.com>
 Files:  hints/irix_6.sh

 Title:  "Configure misses preprocessor on HP-UX (further fix)"
  From:  Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafcol.lafayette.edu>
Msg-ID:  <Pine.SUN.3.96.980716113128.2651N-100000@newton.phys>
 Files:  hints/hpux.sh

 Title:  "update perlbug to v1.26 (from 5.005 beta 1)"
 Files:  utils/perlbug.PL

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@1521

18 years agoAssorted patches:
Tim Bunce [Wed, 15 Jul 1998 21:24:12 +0000]
Assorted patches:

 Title:  "Add stub attrs.pm"
  From:  Graham Barr <gbarr@ti.com>, Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <19980713163312.A18222@asic.sc.ti.com>,
 Files:  MANIFEST lib/attrs.pm

 Title:  "Fix @a=@a=qw(...)"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>, Stephen McCamant
Msg-ID:  <13737.12300.950886.821143@alias-2.pr.mcs.net>,
 Files:  op.c opcode.pl t/op/array.t

 Title:  "Fix 'PERL_DESTRUCT_LEVEL=2 ./perl -DD -e 1' loop"
  From:  Gisle Aas <gisle@aas.no>, Stephen McCamant <alias@mcs.com>
Msg-ID:  <13739.55551.205810.338648@alias-2.pr.mcs.net>,
 Files:  sv.c

 Title:  "Make Power MachTen use vfork() and system malloc()"
  From:  Dominic Dunlop <domo@computer.org>, Jarkko Hietaniemi <jhi@iki.fi>
Msg-ID:  <v03110700b1c95b010820@[]>
 Files:  hints/machten.sh malloc.c

 Title:  "Use REG_INFTY in place of hardwired constant"
  From:  Dominic Dunlop <domo@computer.org>
Msg-ID:  <v03110703b1ca662c44f8@[]>
 Files:  regcomp.h regcomp.c regexec.c

 Title:  "Minor debugger fix (history adds an extra newline)"
  From:  Tye McQueen <tye@metronet.com>
Msg-ID:  <199807151846.AA12653@metronet.com>
 Files:  lib/perl5db.pl

 Title:  "Protect Term::ReadLine against non-default $/ value"
  From:  Ilya Zakharevich <ilya@math.ohio-state.edu>,
         kstar@chapin.edu@ig.co.uk ()
Msg-ID:  <19980713151749.G8596@O2.chapin.edu>,
 Files:  lib/Term/ReadLine.pm

 Title:  "Fix HP-UX 11 build (cppstdin)"
  From:  Andy Dougherty <doughera@lafcol.lafayette.edu>
Msg-ID:  <Pine.SUN.3.96.980715161018.1560D-100000@newton.phys>
 Files:  Configure hints/hpux.sh

 Title:  "VMS filetest operator fixup (SS$_ACCONFLICT)"
  From:  Dan Sugalski <sugalskd@osshe.edu>
Msg-ID:  <>
 Files:  vms/vms.c

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@1520

18 years agoAssorted patches:
Tim Bunce [Mon, 13 Jul 1998 21:33:45 +0000]
Assorted patches:

 Title:  "Fix string substitution returncode problem"
  From:  Dominic Dunlop <domo@vo.lu>, Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199805271236.IAA28213@aatma.engin.umich.edu>,
 Files:  pp_hot.c

 Title:  "umask EXPR is fatal only if (EXPR & 0700) > 0"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199807111656.MAA03310@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  pod/perldiag.pod pp_sys.c

 Title:  "Remove reference to qsort from perlfunc.pod"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199807111923.PAA05124@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  pod/perlfunc.pod

 Title:  "Deprecate AvFILL in favor of av_len()"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199807111945.PAA05489@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  pod/perlguts.pod

 Title:  "Further clarify effects of using quotes with m operator"
  From:  Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@engin.umich.edu>
Msg-ID:  <199806201921.PAA03829@aatma.engin.umich.edu>
 Files:  pod/perlop.pod

 Title:  "Add PERL_DESTRUCT_LEVEL=2 to test suite"
  From:  Tim Bunce
 Files:  t/TEST t/op/local.t t/op/pat.t t/op/regexp.t t/op/substr.t t/op/vec.t

p4raw-id: //depot/maint-5.004/perl@1465