3 years agoRevert "Fix memory leak in Encode.xs" maint-5.10
Chris 'BinGOs' Williams [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 22:51:37 +0000]
Revert "Fix memory leak in Encode.xs"

Because it breaks Win32

This reverts commit 27a6588a70ffa9e9000ca20f266a92f93cbf1a78.

3 years agoFix memory leak in Encode.xs
Chris 'BinGOs' Williams [Thu, 7 Mar 2013 20:51:50 +0000]
Fix memory leak in Encode.xs

3 years agoAvoid wraparound when casting unsigned size_t to signed ssize_t.
Andy Dougherty [Wed, 16 Jan 2013 17:30:43 +0000]
Avoid wraparound when casting unsigned size_t to signed ssize_t.

Practically, this only affects a perl compiled with 64-bit IVs on a 32-bit
system.  In that instance a value of count >= 2**31 would turn negative
when cast to (ssize_t).
(cherry picked from commit 94e529cc4d56863d7272c254a29eda2b002a4335)

3 years agouse hints/linux.sh from blead
Yves Orton [Thu, 14 Feb 2013 06:09:33 +0000]
use hints/linux.sh from blead

3 years agoPrevent premature hsplit() calls, and only trigger REHASH after hsplit()
Yves Orton [Tue, 12 Feb 2013 09:53:05 +0000]
Prevent premature hsplit() calls, and only trigger REHASH after hsplit()

Triggering a hsplit due to long chain length allows an attacker
to create a carefully chosen set of keys which can cause the hash
to use 2 * (2**32) * sizeof(void *) bytes ram. AKA a DOS via memory
exhaustion. Doing so also takes non trivial time.

Eliminating this check, and only inspecting chain length after a
normal hsplit() (triggered when keys>buckets) prevents the attack
entirely, and makes such attacks relatively benign.

(cherry picked from commit f2a571dae7d70f7e3b59022834d8003ecd2df884)
(which was itself cherry picked (with changes) from commit f1220d61455253b170e81427c9d0357831ca0fac)

7 years agocreate perl5102delta
David Mitchell [Sun, 23 Aug 2009 16:04:11 +0000]
create perl5102delta

7 years agotoday's merging activity perl-5.10.1
David Mitchell [Sat, 22 Aug 2009 22:20:57 +0000]
today's merging activity

7 years agomore release_managers_guide tweaks
David Mitchell [Sat, 22 Aug 2009 22:17:57 +0000]
more release_managers_guide tweaks

(cherry picked from commit 52a66c2cc3722485e8a16f1da9c026524180ca8c)

7 years agoadd new release to perlhist
David Mitchell [Sat, 22 Aug 2009 21:57:29 +0000]
add new release to perlhist

7 years agoUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.10.1
David Mitchell [Sat, 22 Aug 2009 21:51:15 +0000]
Update Module::CoreList for 5.10.1

(cherry picked from commit 6c1a81b03e170d09e3d9f2bb12f4ab9cafe03986)

7 years agomicro-tweak perldelta
David Mitchell [Sat, 22 Aug 2009 21:28:19 +0000]
micro-tweak perldelta

7 years agomention perlivp in release_managers_guide
David Mitchell [Sat, 22 Aug 2009 19:45:09 +0000]
mention perlivp in release_managers_guide

(cherry picked from commit 459fc3ca45067f8a2b7f262f7aac0a99372c2a88)

7 years agobetter document smart match overloading
David Mitchell [Sat, 22 Aug 2009 19:43:00 +0000]
better document smart match overloading

(cherry picked from commit 0de1c906c34397b53c088e443cd0325d9c209649)

7 years agolink in perldelta to INSTALL doesn't get indexed correctly
David Mitchell [Sat, 22 Aug 2009 19:54:19 +0000]
link in perldelta to INSTALL doesn't get indexed correctly
on CPAN, so don't bother.
(Spotted by Tom Hukins)

7 years agoTeach perlivp about the new stucture of the IO::Compress module suite
Vincent Pit [Thu, 20 Aug 2009 08:26:59 +0000]
Teach perlivp about the new stucture of the IO::Compress module suite

This fixes [perl #68682] : 5.10.1 ( RC1 and RC2 ) perlivp fails IO/Compress

(cherry picked from commit e7598a06d704c8e12489be3a9098367ae55f5a89)

7 years agoupdate Safe version in perldelta
David Mitchell [Sat, 22 Aug 2009 18:39:55 +0000]
update Safe version in perldelta

7 years agobump Safe version to 2.18
David Mitchell [Wed, 19 Aug 2009 10:07:43 +0000]
bump Safe version to 2.18

(cherry picked from commit 6bc059100668dd5718368f9434a2a238d039b78e)

7 years agoperldelta: mention CGI popup_menu fix
David Mitchell [Sat, 22 Aug 2009 17:21:43 +0000]
perldelta: mention CGI popup_menu fix

7 years agoadd the CGI "default_value for popup_menu()" fix from 3.45
David Mitchell [Sat, 22 Aug 2009 16:32:53 +0000]
add the CGI "default_value for popup_menu()" fix from 3.45

(cherry picked from commit 74d3927541bd7b5c13ac3fbd52102728650646df)

7 years agobleed and 5.10.1 - documentation fix - README.aix add info the lib gdbm is automatica...
Rainer Tammer [Wed, 19 Aug 2009 06:00:07 +0000]
bleed and 5.10.1 - documentation fix - README.aix add info the lib gdbm is automatically removed + remove trailing blanks

please could you add this to bleed and maint-5.10 ?
It's only a documentation fix and a formating cleanup... this should not
break anything :-))

Thanks very much.


Signed-off-by: H.Merijn Brand <h.m.brand@xs4all.nl>

(cherry picked from commit e9d2e818e09bc1bed6b2109f74fcc75ceb03eb76)

7 years agorelease_managers_guide: minor tweaks
David Mitchell [Wed, 19 Aug 2009 00:04:13 +0000]
release_managers_guide: minor tweaks

(cherry picked from commit a14438df21020189740a682ab40dab57be840556)

7 years agoimprove smart match documentation, per DM
Chip Salzenberg [Thu, 20 Aug 2009 18:48:25 +0000]
improve smart match documentation, per DM

7 years agodisarm RC2 bump
David Mitchell [Tue, 18 Aug 2009 23:48:34 +0000]
disarm RC2 bump

7 years agobump version to RC2 perl-5.10.1-RC2
David Mitchell [Tue, 18 Aug 2009 21:41:27 +0000]
bump version to RC2

7 years agoadd new release to perlhist
David Mitchell [Tue, 18 Aug 2009 21:40:36 +0000]
add new release to perlhist

7 years agoUpdated Module::CoreList for 5.10.1-RC2
David Mitchell [Tue, 18 Aug 2009 21:37:16 +0000]
Updated Module::CoreList for 5.10.1-RC2

(cherry picked from commit a47a8f3cfedd88452255f9cef5132cb5a0be55ed)

7 years agotoday's merging activity
David Mitchell [Tue, 18 Aug 2009 21:16:41 +0000]
today's merging activity

7 years agoCorrectly detect NDBM_File availability
H.Merijn Brand [Tue, 18 Aug 2009 17:38:51 +0000]
Correctly detect NDBM_File availability

(cherry picked from commit 7894ad662a3cd2f4ed62524c47717e580145900e)

7 years agoSebastien decided what was the UPSTREAM for his modules
Vincent Pit [Mon, 17 Aug 2009 22:21:07 +0000]
Sebastien decided what was the UPSTREAM for his modules

(cherry picked from commit 27d8d4f034c50a2472e34bef47d5d2f00c8330c1)

7 years agomore excising of const deparsing from maint
David Mitchell [Mon, 17 Aug 2009 13:59:50 +0000]
more excising of const deparsing from maint
(Unexpected TODO succeedng seems to be confusing the smoke output)

7 years agoAttribute::Handlers was typoed as Attributes::Handlers in perl5101delta.pod
Jesse Vincent [Mon, 17 Aug 2009 12:52:24 +0000]
Attribute::Handlers was typoed as Attributes::Handlers in perl5101delta.pod

Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 11:19:15 +0100
From: Zefram <zefram@fysh.org>
To: perl5-porters@perl.org
Subject: perl5101delta typo
Message-ID: <20090817101915.GB24129@fysh.org>

7 years agolast five days' merging activity
David Mitchell [Sun, 16 Aug 2009 23:53:19 +0000]
last five days' merging activity

7 years agobump Safe version number in perldelta
David Mitchell [Sun, 16 Aug 2009 23:39:16 +0000]
bump Safe version number in perldelta

7 years ago[perl #68530] "version::CLASS" warning in Safe.pm
David Mitchell [Sun, 16 Aug 2009 23:31:45 +0000]
[perl #68530] "version::CLASS" warning in Safe.pm
If any of the std variables being aliased into the Safe::rootN
package don't actually exist, and if they are not one of the special
"don't warn" variables, then you can get an 'only used once' warning.
So lets not. (Also bumps version number).

(cherry picked from commit a930c511fcc6cf6f5ef849a9a4a028ff1cd6e27a)

7 years agoremove final traces of constant deparsing
David Mitchell [Sun, 16 Aug 2009 19:02:39 +0000]
remove final traces of constant deparsing
(ef0c5631d3 missed reverting a bit of 2990415a45)

7 years agoRemove constant deparsing from perldelta
David Mitchell [Sun, 16 Aug 2009 12:00:08 +0000]
Remove constant deparsing from perldelta

7 years agoRemove constant deparsing from 5.10.1
David Mitchell [Sun, 16 Aug 2009 11:57:52 +0000]
Remove constant deparsing from 5.10.1
This was added post-5.10.0, but adds a significant perfomance penalty
to all deparsing. Remove for now, and maybe add back in a later 5.10.x
if it can be fixed.

The original code was added to blead with
with a lot of follow-up tweaks.

7 years agoSuppress system messages when op/ref.t calls die on VMS.
Craig A. Berry [Sat, 15 Aug 2009 19:27:09 +0000]
Suppress system messages when op/ref.t calls die on VMS.

(cherry picked from commit 54c717c31383ee341b51465df1a84524ff7245b5)

7 years agoquick fix cpan -r
David Golden [Sat, 15 Aug 2009 18:39:39 +0000]
quick fix cpan -r

(cherry picked from commit e13751452f8f5397a445636efcdb6e48c40a2ea9)

7 years agorelease_managers_guide: typo fixes
David Mitchell [Sat, 15 Aug 2009 09:18:45 +0000]
release_managers_guide: typo fixes

(cherry picked from commit c67d51c3922d4d13cf9e6cb85678814563783c5b)

7 years agoExplain that the load_module() import list must be NULL terminated
Jan Dubois [Sat, 15 Aug 2009 00:57:45 +0000]
Explain that the load_module() import list must be NULL terminated

(cherry picked from commit 76f108ac8c4a9965d6bf4ba6a472e5866bb01731)

7 years agoPerl_die_nocontext() is also called with NULL from XS extensions that want to set...
Vincent Pit [Thu, 13 Aug 2009 11:34:48 +0000]
Perl_die_nocontext() is also called with NULL from XS extensions that want to set $@ themselves.

This commit goes with 52a5bfab8876f302d269f1bfa46eae1998f0d3ca.

(cherry picked from commit cf284a245bd2c9f479068768a1e22147f7925e7d)

7 years agoImport WIN64 environment variable into makefile.mk
Jan Dubois [Fri, 14 Aug 2009 17:51:06 +0000]
Import WIN64 environment variable into makefile.mk

nmake.exe will import environment variables as macro definitions
by default, but for dmake.exe we need to import them explicitly.

(cherry picked from commit 9b1007c4e438dba14baad3734235d8f0f8cfa7fe)

7 years agoDon't explicitly link against msvcrt when using MinGW.
Jan Dubois [Tue, 11 Aug 2009 23:56:48 +0000]
Don't explicitly link against msvcrt when using MinGW.

The latest releases of MinGW generate hard linker errors
when msvcrt is specified explicitly.  It will still link
against this library implicitly anyways, so specifying it
isn't needed.

(cherry picked from commit 679b67fee662acf52b2b1af175101ee323ae7d60)

7 years agoAdd Bob Wilkinson's email address to AUTHORS
David Golden [Fri, 14 Aug 2009 10:19:44 +0000]
Add Bob Wilkinson's email address to AUTHORS

(cherry picked from commit 4a2c3333c52f7f4e9661ae036ecb70ba617b823a)

7 years agorelease_managers_guide: add release compare item,
David Mitchell [Thu, 13 Aug 2009 23:29:30 +0000]
release_managers_guide: add release compare item,
and expand a couple of sections.

(cherry picked from commit d60a10440915acb0ef0fef797a3146b6b7423c83)

7 years agoUpdated Maintainers.pl to note that p5p/blead is responsible for IO
Jesse Vincent [Thu, 13 Aug 2009 12:38:40 +0000]
Updated Maintainers.pl to note that p5p/blead is responsible for IO

(source: off-list mail from graham: <C341EDE9-0C5A-41A9-8554-EDF959C5A92C@pobox.com>)

(cherry picked from commit ac1205a52f8c8d3918a061b6c2a9efbed8d96b15)

7 years agoMerge the updated perlfaq from the perlfaq repository
Steffen Mueller [Thu, 13 Aug 2009 12:32:00 +0000]
Merge the updated perlfaq from the perlfaq repository

(cherry picked from commit 109f04419ad154407413aa733c313fd77c1e12ca)

7 years agoInstall arch-dependent files into $archlib.
Andy Dougherty [Thu, 13 Aug 2009 20:45:26 +0000]
Install arch-dependent files into $archlib.

After the great ext/ renaming, installperl stopped properly parsing the
new directory names, and hence did not properly deduce which files are
architecture-dependent.  This was compounded by Configure's failure to
detect ext/IO-Compress as an architecture-dependent module.  These two
patches fix both of those errors.

(cherry picked from commit 4cc80fc4cbbd82e20f7b14b68abb53d552076022)

7 years agoTypos in perlbug.PL
Jerry D. Hedden [Wed, 12 Aug 2009 18:28:37 +0000]
Typos in perlbug.PL

(cherry picked from commit 7acb6aa6c27bdd5c90522b7c65c5e3cf9a184f6b)

7 years agoperlbug.PL assumes patchlevel.h has simple patch lists;
David Mitchell [Wed, 12 Aug 2009 18:11:24 +0000]
perlbug.PL assumes patchlevel.h has simple patch lists;
but these days it contains macros that expand to patch lists;
for now, just skip these macros. need a proper fix sometime.

(cherry picked from commit 8a00c8caf7ac9ccd6bd8eaa8869321108bfef1c6)

7 years agorelease_managers_guide: mention testing perlbug
David Mitchell [Wed, 12 Aug 2009 15:50:09 +0000]
release_managers_guide: mention testing perlbug

(cherry picked from commit 47b1f0962035bb360c3ab2d10009defe22415877)

7 years agodocument split in void context in perlfunc.pod
Moritz Lenz [Wed, 12 Aug 2009 12:41:17 +0000]
document split in void context in perlfunc.pod

(cherry picked from commit 521fe6911c4cc74d9f8b0db8553451c4ccf7ad7f)

7 years agoRemove duplicate entry (from config_heavy.pl)
H.Merijn Brand [Wed, 12 Aug 2009 07:34:28 +0000]
Remove duplicate entry (from config_heavy.pl)

(cherry picked from commit 94a9a4bc91d62776a9de76c5bf25aeb1129c1a24)

7 years agolast two days' merging activity
David Mitchell [Wed, 12 Aug 2009 01:02:43 +0000]
last two days' merging activity

7 years agoinstall Config_heavy.pl in archlib
David Mitchell [Wed, 12 Aug 2009 00:38:56 +0000]
install Config_heavy.pl in archlib

commit ae089cc2f4 broke the special-casing of its install dir

(cherry picked from commit d62d5a537d867a4c4fa54a4fc7600b90705ea338)

7 years agoameliorate B::Deparse slowdown
David Mitchell [Wed, 12 Aug 2009 00:01:34 +0000]
ameliorate B::Deparse slowdown

commit 2990415a45 improved the ability to deparse inlined constants,
but at the cost of having to walk all the symbol tables when each new
B::Deparse object is created. Make this scan instead only happen the first
time its needed.

(cherry picked from commit 805b10112885d8868f21f8e860792d65e1e6c19d)

7 years agoOn Windows normalize $^X using GetLongPathName()
Jan Dubois [Tue, 11 Aug 2009 23:30:32 +0000]
On Windows normalize $^X using GetLongPathName()

If perl.exe is called with a short pathname, then GetModuleFileName()
will return this short name, and $^X will be set to it.  This in turn
is used to initialize @INC to privlib, sitelib and vendorlib locations
relative to $^X, so they too will end up with the mangled short names.

Perl will also automatically add versioned Perl directories in the
same tree if their names start with the same major and minor Perl
version numbers.  This heuristic can be broken when the pathname
components are using short pathnames.  Therefore $^X and @INC should
all be normalized to use the long pathname format.

See also http://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=47890

(cherry picked from commit ad2561310d3fa13cf664e8d8b8bb294a23cf9ea4)

David Mitchell [Tue, 11 Aug 2009 22:52:38 +0000]
spotted by Vincent Pit

(cherry picked from commit adbb55c01aa367b564c418e1c4292d5d5711b050)

7 years agoRemoved '...' ellipses from docs about '...' flip-flop operator
Ken Williams [Tue, 11 Aug 2009 16:25:07 +0000]
Removed '...' ellipses from docs about '...' flip-flop operator

(cherry picked from commit f343f96080e78c71ab2469cb962e36ef6f25bf85)

7 years agoINSTALL: mention that env vars can affect tests
David Mitchell [Tue, 11 Aug 2009 22:09:01 +0000]
INSTALL: mention that env vars can affect tests

(cherry picked from commit 06aa495b2e26cd6963648651410909a6682df5b9)

7 years agorelease_managers_guide: mention updating http://www.cpan.org/src/
David Mitchell [Tue, 11 Aug 2009 21:51:16 +0000]
release_managers_guide: mention updating cpan.org/src/

(cherry picked from commit 746c0b35373e0e9e2bb224eafef296470ec9da24)

7 years agoPERL_DONT_CREATE_GVSV was documented in perl589delta
David Mitchell [Tue, 11 Aug 2009 20:43:02 +0000]
PERL_DONT_CREATE_GVSV was documented in perl589delta
not perl588delta (although it was introduced in 5.8.8).
Fix up old perldelta files to reflect this fact.

This has been a public service by the Ministry of Truth.

(cherry picked from commit 4cd37d19e1f119da7218eedec768d4ec82ab8845)

7 years agoRemoved '...' pseudocode-indicator from docs about '...' flip-flop operator
Ken Williams [Fri, 7 Aug 2009 15:49:26 +0000]
Removed '...' pseudocode-indicator from docs about '...' flip-flop operator

7 years agoRevert "Re: [PATCH: TODO Tests] Re: [perl #53806] No complain about bareword"
David Mitchell [Tue, 11 Aug 2009 21:28:00 +0000]
Revert "Re: [PATCH: TODO Tests] Re: [perl #53806] No complain about bareword"

This reverts commit ace56ae50476eeb045e2f78e4b9550922f258fde.

(follow-on from 984f9f6647)

7 years agoRevert "The TODO tests of change 33876 were actually fixed by change 33874."
David Mitchell [Tue, 11 Aug 2009 21:27:21 +0000]
Revert "The TODO tests of change 33876 were actually fixed by change 33874."

This reverts commit 9453289ade80637b5f30952e561a6060b8ec854f.

(follow-on from be5c7c66a6)

7 years agoRevert "Re: [PATCH: TODO Tests] Re: [perl #53806] No complain about bareword"
David Mitchell [Tue, 11 Aug 2009 21:19:52 +0000]
Revert "Re: [PATCH: TODO Tests] Re: [perl #53806] No complain about bareword"

This reverts commit 984f9f66477bc722578262ae8520584e44e881af.

This fix broke readline(BAREHANDLE)
(Message-ID: <871vniered.fsf@biokovo-amd64.herceg.de>)

7 years agobump Module::Build in Maintainers.pl
David Mitchell [Mon, 10 Aug 2009 08:35:05 +0000]
bump Module::Build in Maintainers.pl

(cherry picked from commit 249829ce6656c2e763ab13102348a8d080941b6a)

7 years agoBump Module::Build version to 0.340201
David Golden [Mon, 10 Aug 2009 02:13:50 +0000]
Bump Module::Build version to 0.340201

Module::Build automatically sets configure_requires to its
current $VERSION, which causes problems if $VERSION is a dev
release not on CPAN.  To stabilize 5.10.1, this patch bumps
Module::Build 0.34_02 (currently in 5.10.1-RC1) to 0.340201.
No other code changes are included.  A matching version will
be released to CPAN.

(cherry picked from commit 1a7f3fa0f2ee133d43509fa6b96901ab4a7781ce)

7 years ago5.10.1-RC1 is released
Rainer Tammer [Fri, 7 Aug 2009 12:29:07 +0000]
5.10.1-RC1 is released

I have attached a small fix for README.aix (5.10.1 / blead).
Please could you commit this?

Fixes in this patch:

* correct some typos
* adjust some dates


Dave Mitchell wrote:
> I've just uploaded 5.10.1-RC1 to CPAN.
> Once it's hit the mirrors it should be(*) available as
>     http://www.cpan.org//authors/id/D/DA/DAPM/perl-5.10.1-RC1.tar.bz2
> but until then, its available as
>     http://www.iabyn.com/tmp/perl-5.10.1-RC1.tar.bz2
> but please don't advertise that outside of this list.
> The .gz variant is also available.
> Rafael, once its hit the mirrors, can you announce it on use.perl.org?
> So please everyone, test away!
> I'm not planning to change anything between now and final release unless
> it's a real showstopper:  I'm past caring about the occasional test
> failure on some random platform.
> Also note that I'm away this weekend.
> (*) This is my first ever use of PAUSE

From 4d658a15475a7866f56ff938d851e6df719c056e Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Rainer Tammer <tammer@tammer.net>
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 14:25:29 +0200
Subject: [PATCH] Small fix for READEM.aix

Signed-off-by: H.Merijn Brand <h.m.brand@xs4all.nl>

(cherry picked from commit e37e7c833e8c45586a14c0e4909143bd89f25826)

7 years agoperltodo: Propagate compilation hints to the debugger
Rafael Garcia-Suarez [Fri, 7 Aug 2009 11:25:21 +0000]
perltodo: Propagate compilation hints to the debugger

Suggested by Ben Morrow

(cherry picked from commit 53967bb90ff3867cdf0a6117faed24c717c12c22)

7 years agopod/perlipc.pod: add some hints on avoiding pipe deadlocks
Sam Vilain [Fri, 31 Jul 2009 03:32:14 +0000]
pod/perlipc.pod: add some hints on avoiding pipe deadlocks

Tracking down deadlocks when using pipes for IPC can be hard, so put
even more notes about gotchas in this section of perlipc.

(cherry picked from commit c40e8e9bf43b15cbc5725b65e3085fba60a67489)

7 years agobroke out checkAUTHORS aliasing for our two "merijnb" porters
Jesse Vincent [Thu, 6 Aug 2009 13:16:58 +0000]
broke out checkAUTHORS aliasing for our two "merijnb" porters

Hopefully I got it right

(cherry picked from commit 9c1f068a70493ee76b1e0fe3f95a09ae0306c700)

7 years agoMinor typo and formatting fixes to the release manager guide
Jesse Vincent [Thu, 6 Aug 2009 13:13:42 +0000]
Minor typo and formatting fixes to the release manager guide

(cherry picked from commit bf8ea2150222ec4f257861b93bc878bdcf3c882a)

7 years agomore release_managers_guide.pod tweaking
David Mitchell [Thu, 6 Aug 2009 02:06:48 +0000]
more release_managers_guide.pod tweaking

(cherry picked from commit a42352eec1716ae3aeb00d35bc5648ac7ffe5558)

7 years agoPorting/makerel: handle more sha1 variants,
David Mitchell [Thu, 6 Aug 2009 00:52:44 +0000]
Porting/makerel: handle more sha1 variants,
and be quieter on failure

(cherry picked from commit ecc9c9d9c3a4c0426f481023c08d9331c8c5775f)

7 years agoRevert "Remove GvREFCNT_inc(), which is deprecated and unused."
Nicholas Clark [Fri, 7 Aug 2009 20:07:05 +0000]
Revert "Remove GvREFCNT_inc(), which is deprecated and unused."

Wrong branch. D'oh!

This reverts commit 9f67176c6f8430ee98735b695f7082ef2ec1855d.

7 years agoRemove GvREFCNT_inc(), which is deprecated and unused.
Nicholas Clark [Fri, 7 Aug 2009 19:50:20 +0000]
Remove GvREFCNT_inc(), which is deprecated and unused.

7 years agodisarm RC1 bump
David Mitchell [Thu, 6 Aug 2009 16:13:56 +0000]
disarm RC1 bump

7 years agotoday's merging activity perl-5.10.1-RC1
David Mitchell [Thu, 6 Aug 2009 00:19:12 +0000]
today's merging activity

7 years agorelease_managers_guide: tweak ordering of 'on-the-day' stuff
David Mitchell [Thu, 6 Aug 2009 00:01:07 +0000]
release_managers_guide: tweak ordering of 'on-the-day' stuff
and lots of little fixes therein.

(cherry picked from commit a0db33fef579d4bbe3f26e2850101521e606c9db)

7 years agobump version to RC1
David Mitchell [Wed, 5 Aug 2009 23:53:46 +0000]
bump version to RC1

7 years agoadd new release to perlhist
David Mitchell [Wed, 5 Aug 2009 23:50:33 +0000]
add new release to perlhist

7 years agoUpdated Module::CoreList for the 5.10.1 release
David Mitchell [Wed, 5 Aug 2009 23:34:28 +0000]
Updated Module::CoreList for the 5.10.1 release

(cherry picked from commit 909fb0b7fb3eaee3729754411435e9772903f6be)

7 years agobump EU::MM version in perldelta
David Mitchell [Wed, 5 Aug 2009 22:14:56 +0000]
bump EU::MM version in perldelta

7 years agofix for EU:MM 6.55_02 failing test,
David Mitchell [Wed, 5 Aug 2009 20:40:55 +0000]
fix for EU:MM 6.55_02 failing test,
as suggested by Schwern

(cherry picked from commit 3ed7368117d18c1af3bc089adf0d9fcdf5c04cd4)

7 years agoExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.55_02
David Mitchell [Wed, 5 Aug 2009 19:46:32 +0000]
ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.55_02

(cherry picked from commit cb06ebec412ca5c62617b8007098bd39019a09df)

7 years agodocument CPAN::FTP hack
David Mitchell [Wed, 5 Aug 2009 16:31:06 +0000]
document CPAN::FTP hack

7 years agoThe current CPAN is very noisy on download failure;
David Mitchell [Wed, 5 Aug 2009 16:24:58 +0000]
The current CPAN is very noisy on download failure;
it's showing a full perl stack trace. temporary fix for now.

(cherry picked from commit 039dab98824ab37144e8e9a1c62c6a4cbd4a8012)

7 years agoin perl_clone_using, free the prt_table
David Mitchell [Wed, 5 Aug 2009 14:23:41 +0000]
in perl_clone_using, free the prt_table
*after* we have called any CLONE methods
(better fix for Variable::Magic than 240bfeb992)

(cherry picked from commit b0b93b3c773176a99136baa97661d11503277415)

7 years agoNow down to 17 unknown addresses which "should" be in the authors file.
Jesse Vincent [Wed, 5 Aug 2009 13:31:10 +0000]
Now down to 17 unknown addresses which "should" be in the authors file.

Extensive googling and other sleuthing helped resolve the names of many
people previously listed as "unknown"

(cherry picked from commit c07671d7439660780f82b47a35f6ff224e370dba)

7 years agotoday's merging activity
David Mitchell [Tue, 4 Aug 2009 23:07:55 +0000]
today's merging activity

7 years agorelease_managers_guide: add patchlevel.h stuff
David Mitchell [Tue, 4 Aug 2009 22:08:59 +0000]
release_managers_guide: add patchlevel.h stuff

(cherry picked from commit d7eb1120ad049806b32041fcc301bf95f95423bc)

7 years agominor tweaks to release_managers_guide.pod
David Mitchell [Tue, 4 Aug 2009 21:15:27 +0000]
minor tweaks to release_managers_guide.pod

(cherry picked from commit dd0e54ba0e6d8ba0c5efd7991175ca5b4cc40514)

7 years agosome perldelta tweaks
David Mitchell [Tue, 4 Aug 2009 21:02:47 +0000]
some perldelta tweaks

7 years agoupdate META.yml
David Mitchell [Tue, 4 Aug 2009 19:44:37 +0000]
update META.yml

7 years agomake regen_perly on maint
David Mitchell [Tue, 4 Aug 2009 19:29:09 +0000]
make regen_perly on maint
(the line numbers have changed in perly.y)

7 years agoThe AUTHORS file is now short only about thirty 'real names'
Jesse Vincent [Tue, 4 Aug 2009 17:50:48 +0000]
The AUTHORS file is now short only about thirty 'real names'

(cherry picked from commit 20b15ed1ed92b80ee03c239813a1203d1546a884)

7 years agorelease_managers_guide: make into two logical sections:
David Mitchell [Tue, 4 Aug 2009 16:49:11 +0000]
release_managers_guide: make into two logical sections:
those to be done in the week or two before a release,
and those to be done on the day

(cherry picked from commit 2e831dfd27333e967620fa1e890ab82ad077c64d)

7 years agoWIFEXITED() cygwin regression
Reini Urban [Tue, 4 Aug 2009 11:12:24 +0000]
WIFEXITED() cygwin regression

t/run/exit.t:58:    eval { POSIX::WIFEXITED() };
fails on the new cygwin-1.7 with
     5 [main] perl 3500 fork: child -1 - died waiting for longjmp
before initialization, retry 0, exit code 0xC0000005, errno 11
until I kill perl, because you must use an argument for WIFEXITED.
It didn't fail before, so I assume it's a cygwin regression, but it
must be fixed in the perl testsuite,
since an empty argument cries for trouble.
Use 0 or 1 as argument, ${^CHILD_ERROR_NATIVE} preferred.

(cherry picked from commit d781deb6546425b0eb8ff14422b0c2fb4352a053)