OpenBSD 6 still does not support returning pid, gid or uid with SA_SIGINFO
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2010-05-19 Vincent PitMerge branch 'vincent/rvalue_stmt_given' into blead
2010-01-12 Ricardo Signescatch the one $class instance missed in
2010-01-11 Rafael Garcia-SuarezBump less' version
2010-01-11 Ricardo Signesallow indirection between less and its hints stash...
2007-12-16 Rafael Garcia-Suarez...and remove the "1;" that is after the __END__
2007-12-16 Rafael Garcia-SuarezAdd a return value to less, noticed by S├ębastien Aperg...
2007-01-07 Joshua ben Joreless useful
2001-01-08 Charles BaileyOnce again syncing after too long an absence
2000-12-06 Nick Ing-SimmonsIntegrate mainline
2000-12-06 Michael G. Schwern$VERSION crusade, strict, tests, etc... all over lib/
1998-11-30 Gurusamy Sarathybranch jpl from perlext to perl
1998-02-20 Malcolm BeattieStart getting compiler to work when built with the...
1997-10-16 Malcolm BeattieMove perlext/Thread into perl/ext/Thread.
1995-12-21 Andy DoughertyThis is patch.2b1g to perl5.002beta1.
1995-05-30 Andy DoughertyThis is my patch patch.1g for perl5.001.
1994-10-17 Larry Wallperl 5.000 perl-5.000