descriptionPerl5 Master Repository
last changeFri, 31 Oct 2014 12:40:30 +0000
48 min ago Brian FraserXS::APItest, svpeek.t: Test the correct thing blead
48 min ago Brian FraserXSLoader: Amend the mod2fname generation to detect...
48 min ago Brian FraserPOSIX/t/posix.t: Fix skip count for localeless systems
53 min ago Brian FraserPOSIX: C99 support exceptions on Android
53 min ago Brian FraserAndroid hints: No locales here, so undef d_lc_monetary_2008
53 min ago Brian Removed an unused variable
13 hours ago Chad GranumUpdate to Test-Simple Alpha 068
15 hours ago Craig A. BerrySpecial handling of Cwd and List::Util in configure...
26 hours ago Jarkko HietaniemiDecouple quadmath from longdouble.
34 hours ago Craig A. BerryUnixify the new Test::Simple temp dir on VMS.
36 hours ago Father Chrysostomost/base/lex.t: Dodge warning
40 hours ago Daniel Draganrefactor Perl_cv_undef_flags
40 hours ago Father ChrysostomosReduce the number of null ops for \$x=\$y
40 hours ago Chad GranumUpdate Test-Simple to alpha 065
2 days ago Jarkko HietaniemiManual revert of 0f83c5a4.
2 days ago Tony Cooksemctl() on cygwin throws SIGSYS if the cygserver isn...
10 days ago v5.21.5 Release 5.21.5
4 weeks ago v5.18.4 Fifth release of the v5.18 series!
4 weeks ago v5.18.3 Fourth release of the v5.18 series!
4 weeks ago v5.18.3-RC2 Second RC of v5.18.3
5 weeks ago v5.21.4 Perl 5.21.4
6 weeks ago v5.18.3-RC1 RC1 of v5.18.3
6 weeks ago v5.20.1 Perl 5.20.1
7 weeks ago v5.20.1-RC2 Perl 5.20.1-RC2
2 months ago v5.20.1-RC1 Perl 5.20.1-RC1
2 months ago v5.21.3 Fourth release of the v5.21 series
3 months ago v5.21.2 Third release of the v5.21 series
4 months ago v5.21.1 Second release of the v5.21 series!
5 months ago v5.21.0 First release of the v5.21 series!
5 months ago v5.20.0 First release of the v5.20 series!
5 months ago v5.20.0-RC1 First RC of first release of the...
6 months ago v5.19.11 Perl 5.19.11
48 min ago blead
2 hours ago bingos/eumm-7.01_03
8 hours ago smoke-me/khw-locale
8 hours ago sprout/op_const_sv
14 hours ago smoke-me/khw-ebcdic
20 hours ago khw/tonyc_podcheck
33 hours ago sprout/padlist-sharing
36 hours ago smoke-me/destroio
5 days ago khw/ebcdic
7 days ago maint-5.20
8 days ago alh/regex_nocapture
9 days ago tonyc/fchmod-errno
9 days ago smoke-me/maint-5.20-123029
9 days ago sprout/maint-5.20-123029
9 days ago smoke-me/jkeenan/121360-abs2rel
9 days ago smoke-me/arc/dirhandle-fileno