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last changeThu, 21 May 2015 23:40:41 +0000
27 hours ago Dagfinn Ilmari... perldelta: Revert erroneous C<> removal for Inf/NaN... blead
28 hours ago Ricardo Signesadd new address for kmx v5.22.0-RC2
28 hours ago KMXhandle existing mkstemp() in mingw-w64-v4
36 hours ago Ricardo Signesupdate perlhist and patchlevel for RC2
36 hours ago Ricardo Signesuse ~1 instead of ^ for parent commit
38 hours ago Craig A. BerryCorrect default for usedevel on VMS.
46 hours ago Tony CookThey're Unicode tables, not UTF-8 tables
2 days ago Daniel Draganpack('f', $NAN) must account for NAN_COMPARE_BROKEN...
2 days ago Karl Williamsonperldelta: Nits, clarifications, wordsmithing
2 days ago Karl Williamsonperldelta: Remove 5.21-only changes
2 days ago Karl Williamsonperldelta: Don't split =head across lines
2 days ago Karl Williamsonperldelta: List more changes in the pods
2 days ago Karl Williamsonperldelta: Rmv reference to internal flag
2 days ago Karl Williamsonperldelta: Add, subtract some C<> S<> F<>
2 days ago Dagfinn Ilmari... Use "UTF-8" consistently in perldelta
3 days ago Tony Cookperlapi was updated to refer to Newx, not NewX
27 hours ago v5.22.0-RC2 Second RC of first release of the...
3 days ago v5.22.0-RC1 First RC of first release of the...
4 weeks ago v5.21.11 Perl 5.21.11
2 months ago v5.21.10 Perl 5.21.10
2 months ago v5.21.9 Ninth release of the v5.21 series
3 months ago v5.20.2 Perl 5.20.2
3 months ago v5.20.2-RC1 Perl 5.20.2-RC1
4 months ago v5.21.8 Release 5.21.8
5 months ago v5.21.7 Eigth release of the v5.21 series!
6 months ago v5.21.6 Mae hyn yn v5.21.6
7 months ago v5.21.5 Release 5.21.5
7 months ago v5.18.4 Fifth release of the v5.18 series!
7 months ago v5.18.3 Fourth release of the v5.18 series!
7 months ago v5.18.3-RC2 Second RC of v5.18.3
8 months ago v5.21.4 Perl 5.21.4
8 months ago v5.18.3-RC1 RC1 of v5.18.3
19 hours ago maint-5.20-votes
27 hours ago blead
46 hours ago smoke-me/tonyc/post-5.22
2 days ago tonyc/post-5.22
3 days ago tonyc/utf8-UTF8-UTF-8
9 days ago smoke-me/rjbs/refcnt-fix-124181
2 weeks ago tonyc/attribute-used
2 weeks ago rjbs/release-5.22.0
2 weeks ago tonyc/vc2015-file
3 weeks ago rjbs/perldelta
4 weeks ago alh/cpan-bisect
4 weeks ago tux/no-backslash
5 weeks ago smoke-me/jkeenan/124310-locale
5 weeks ago rjbs/corelist-normalize
5 weeks ago smoke-me/jkeenan/124300-124303-Math-BigIntRat
6 weeks ago smoke-me/jkeenan/cpan-meta-yaml-upgrade-5.23.1