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2 hours ago Steve HayAdd epigraphs for 5.22.3-RC2 and 5.24.1-RC2 blead
5 hours ago Steve Hay5.22.3-RC2 and 5.24.1-RC2 today
15 hours ago Father ChrysostomosUse tabs consistently in AUTHORS
15 hours ago Father ChrysostomosAdd Chris R. Donnelly to AUTHORS
2 days ago David MitchellS_pop_eval_context_maybe_croak: silence warning
2 days ago David Mitchellfix g++ compiler warning
3 days ago Karl WilliamsonPATCH: [perl 128686] regex compiler crashes
4 days ago Rafael Garcia... Switch the order of the two backtracking chapters in...
4 days ago Karl Williamsonregcomp.c: Silence compiler warning
4 days ago Steve HayPrepare Module-CoreList for 5.25.4
4 days ago Steve HayBump version to 5.25.4
4 days ago Steve HayCreate new perldelta for 5.25.4
4 days ago Steve Hay5.25.3 is released
4 days ago Steve HayAdd epigraph for 5.25.3
5 days ago Steve Hay5.25.3 today v5.25.3
5 days ago Steve HayFinalize perldelta
4 hours ago v5.24.1-RC2 Perl 5.24.1-RC2
4 hours ago v5.22.3-RC2 Perl 5.22.3-RC2
5 days ago v5.25.3 Perl 5.25.3
7 days ago v5.24.1-RC1 Perl 5.24.1-RC1
7 days ago v5.22.3-RC1 Perl 5.22.3-RC1
4 weeks ago v5.25.2 Perl v5.25.2!
2 months ago v5.25.1 Second release of the 5.25 series!
2 months ago v5.25.0 First release of the v5.25 series!
2 months ago v5.24.0 First release of the v5.24 series!
2 months ago v5.24.0-RC5 Fifth release candidate of v5.24.0
2 months ago v5.24.0-RC4 Fourth RC of v5.24.0
2 months ago v5.22.2 Perl 5.22.2
2 months ago v5.24.0-RC3 Third RC of v5.24.0
3 months ago v5.24.0-RC2 Second release candidate of v5...
3 months ago v5.24.0-RC1 First release candidate of v5.24.0
3 months ago v5.22.2-RC1 Perl 5.22.2-RC1
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8 days ago leont/perl6-shebang-fix
9 days ago avar/no-UNIVERSAL-import-routine-TODO
9 days ago yves/backport_128313
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