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last changeSat, 30 Apr 2016 19:04:54 +0000
30 hours ago reneebperllol: remove docs about the removed autoderef feature blead
30 hours ago Ricardo Signescorelist: updated for threads libraries
30 hours ago Ricardo SignesThread-Queue: bump version (again) because content...
30 hours ago Ricardo Signesthreads: bump version (again) because content changed
30 hours ago jdheddenUpgrade to Thread::Queue 3.08
30 hours ago jdheddenUpgrade to threads::shared 1.51
30 hours ago jdheddenUpgrade to threads 2.06
30 hours ago Ricardo Signescorelist: updated for File::Copy doc updates
31 hours ago Dominic HargreavesAdd cross-reference to perldata in scalar's documentation dom/doc-fixes
31 hours ago Dominic Hargreavesperlrun: note the existence of find's -delete switch
31 hours ago Dominic HargreavesBump $File::Copy::VERSION
32 hours ago Dominic HargreavesFile::Copy: add a warning about flushing writes
32 hours ago Dominic Hargreavesperl.pod: @INC is being displayed as intended
2 days ago Steve HayTick off 5.22.2
2 days ago Steve Hay5.22.2 today
2 days ago Steve HayImport 5.22.2's perldelta
2 days ago v5.22.2 Perl 5.22.2
4 days ago v5.24.0-RC3 Third RC of v5.24.0
8 days ago v5.24.0-RC2 Second release candidate of v5...
2 weeks ago v5.24.0-RC1 First release candidate of v5.24.0
3 weeks ago v5.22.2-RC1 Perl 5.22.2-RC1
6 weeks ago v5.23.9 10th release of the 5.23 series
2 months ago v5.23.8 Ninth release of the v5.23 series
3 months ago v5.23.7 The 5.23.7 release tag
4 months ago v5.23.6 Seventh release of the v5.23 series
4 months ago v5.22.1 Perl 5.22.1
4 months ago v5.22.1-RC4 Perl 5.22.1-RC4
4 months ago v5.22.1-RC3 Perl 5.22.1-RC3
5 months ago v5.23.5 Sixth release of the v5.23 series
5 months ago v5.22.1-RC2 Perl 5.22.1-RC2
6 months ago v5.22.1-RC1 Perl 5.22.1-RC1
6 months ago v5.23.4 Perl 5.23.4
12 hours ago smoke-me/127999
14 hours ago yves/musings
16 hours ago yves/strtab_cleanups
30 hours ago blead
31 hours ago dom/doc-fixes
2 days ago maint-5.22
3 days ago smoke-me/khw-podcheck
3 days ago maint-votes
4 days ago smoke-me/re_async_check
7 days ago alh/rt-126579-newline-filename-warnings
7 days ago arc/525/carp-cpan-100183
8 days ago smoke-me/rt_123562_520
8 days ago Conf-qah2016
8 days ago smoke-me/jhi/time-hires
10 days ago smoke-me/rt_123562_5184
10 days ago smoke-me/rt_123562_5182