descriptionPerl5 Master Repository
last changeSat, 6 Feb 2016 11:04:45 +0000
21 hours ago David Mitchellpp_enter: calculate gimme earlier in XS branch blead
29 hours ago Craig A. Berryperldelta: recent %ENV changes on VMS.
29 hours ago Craig A. Berryperldelta for podlators update.
36 hours ago Craig A. BerryIntegrate podlators 4.06.
39 hours ago Jarkko HietaniemicmpVERSION STDERR messages for test failures.
2 days ago Craig A. BerryDo environ key case consistently on VMS.
2 days ago Jarkko HietaniemiCast away Solaris Studio 12.3 warning.
2 days ago Jarkko HietaniemiOpenBSD does not do si_uid with sigaction().
3 days ago Tony Cookperldelta the fix for [perl #126621]
3 days ago Jarkko HietaniemiPOSIX version bump.
3 days ago Jarkko HietaniemiWe're against contractions.
3 days ago Jarkko HietaniemiOddly placed unused decls for fma() and the gamma funcs.
3 days ago Karl Williamsonperldelta, perlguts: Fix typos
3 days ago Karl Williamsonperlapi: Clarify that a literal string must end in...
3 days ago Karl Williamsonpodcheck.t: regen db for overlong verbatim lines
3 days ago Karl Williamsonperlguts: Make verbatim lines fit in 79 cols
2 weeks ago v5.23.7 The 5.23.7 release tag
6 weeks ago v5.23.6 Seventh release of the v5.23 series
7 weeks ago v5.22.1 Perl 5.22.1
8 weeks ago v5.22.1-RC4 Perl 5.22.1-RC4
2 months ago v5.22.1-RC3 Perl 5.22.1-RC3
2 months ago v5.23.5 Sixth release of the v5.23 series
2 months ago v5.22.1-RC2 Perl 5.22.1-RC2
3 months ago v5.22.1-RC1 Perl 5.22.1-RC1
3 months ago v5.23.4 Perl 5.23.4
4 months ago v5.23.3 Fourth release of the v5.23.3 series!
4 months ago v5.20.3 Perl 5.20.3
5 months ago v5.20.3-RC2 Perl 5.20.3-RC2
5 months ago v5.20.3-RC1 Perl 5.20.3-RC1
5 months ago v5.23.2 Third release of the v5.23 series!
6 months ago v5.23.1 Second release of the v5.23 series!
7 months ago v5.23.0 First release of the v5.23 series!
7 hours ago smoke-me/jhi/coverity
21 hours ago blead
39 hours ago smoke-me/khw-regcomp
3 days ago ilmari/siginfo-fd
4 days ago smoke-me/tonyc/124387-autoload-destroy-b
5 days ago smoke-me/mauke/notreached
6 days ago tonyc/127426-snprintf-overflow
9 days ago khw/ebcdic
9 days ago smoke-me/jkeenan/ilmari/sigaction
13 days ago smoke-me/jkeenan/exodist-importer
2 weeks ago release-5.23.7
2 weeks ago smoke-me/davem/contextsB5
3 weeks ago smoke-me/bulk88/w32_vmem_cleanup
3 weeks ago maint-5.20
3 weeks ago maint-5.22
4 weeks ago smoke-me/bulk88/w32_new_thded_mem_alloc