descriptionPerl5 Master Repository
last changeFri, 24 Oct 2014 12:15:19 +0000
3 hours ago Chris 'BinGOs... Fix a bug with customized.t when CUSTOMIZED is empty... blead
4 hours ago Chris 'BinGOs... Update ExtUtils-MakeMaker to CPAN version 7.00
4 hours ago Chris 'BinGOs... Update Encode to CPAN version 2.63
4 hours ago Chris 'BinGOs... Synchronise versions in for recent updates
37 hours ago Father Chrysostomos[perl #122695] Fix line number for else{foo}
37 hours ago Father Chrysostomospp.c:pp_repeat: Remove #if 0 code
37 hours ago Father Chrysostomosrepeat.t: Remove to-do test for 20010809.028
40 hours ago Tony Cook[perl #121159] use the updated win32_popenlist() even...
42 hours ago Abigail5.21.5 has been ticked off
44 hours ago Father Chrysostomos[perl #122680] Omit <-- HERE marker from (?=){3} warning
46 hours ago Karl WilliamsonFix Unicode errata
2 days ago Tony Cookperldelta for 8334cae656b5
2 days ago Tony Cook[perl #122703] ensure $! is set when chmod() and utime...
2 days ago Doug Bellgit format-patch -M option takes branch
2 days ago Doug Bellmake it clear not to use git-send-email at all
2 days ago Tony Cookperldelta for aac983ac3f3f, c24a535b4f4f
4 days ago v5.21.5 Release 5.21.5
3 weeks ago v5.18.4 Fifth release of the v5.18 series!
3 weeks ago v5.18.3 Fourth release of the v5.18 series!
3 weeks ago v5.18.3-RC2 Second RC of v5.18.3
4 weeks ago v5.21.4 Perl 5.21.4
5 weeks ago v5.18.3-RC1 RC1 of v5.18.3
5 weeks ago v5.20.1 Perl 5.20.1
6 weeks ago v5.20.1-RC2 Perl 5.20.1-RC2
8 weeks ago v5.20.1-RC1 Perl 5.20.1-RC1
2 months ago v5.21.3 Fourth release of the v5.21 series
3 months ago v5.21.2 Third release of the v5.21 series
4 months ago v5.21.1 Second release of the v5.21 series!
4 months ago v5.21.0 First release of the v5.21 series!
4 months ago v5.20.0 First release of the v5.20 series!
5 months ago v5.20.0-RC1 First RC of first release of the...
6 months ago v5.19.11 Perl 5.19.11
3 hours ago blead
16 hours ago maint-5.20
17 hours ago smoke-me/jkeenan/122538-test-simple-alpha-63
38 hours ago alh/regex_nocapture
46 hours ago khw/ebcdic
2 days ago tonyc/fchmod-errno
2 days ago smoke-me/maint-5.20-123029
2 days ago sprout/maint-5.20-123029
2 days ago smoke-me/jkeenan/121360-abs2rel
3 days ago smoke-me/arc/dirhandle-fileno
3 days ago smoke-me/davem/perf
3 days ago sprout/repeat
3 days ago smoke-me/khw-ebcdic
4 days ago release-5.21.5
4 days ago tonyc/cygwin-fixes
8 days ago smoke-me/jhi/irix