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last changeThu, 20 Oct 2016 16:24:03 +0000
5 hours ago Yves Ortonthe test for #129897 was missing the min-mod (?) on... blead
5 hours ago Aaron CraneBump version numbers ready for 5.25.7
5 hours ago Aaron CraneNew perldelta for 5.25.7
5 hours ago Aaron CraneTick the 5.25.6 release
5 hours ago Aaron CraneAdd epigraph for 5.25.6
5 hours ago Aaron CraneMerge branch 'release-5.25.6' into blead
6 hours ago Aaron CraneAdd 5.25.6 release to perlhist v5.25.6
6 hours ago Aaron CraneFinalise perldelta for 5.25.6
7 hours ago Aaron CraneUpdate Module::CoreList for 5.25.6
7 hours ago Aaron CraneUpdate 5.25.6 release date in Module::CoreList
7 hours ago Dagfinn Ilmari... Revert "Include time.h when testing for clock_xxx funct...
8 hours ago Chris 'BinGOs... Update Archive-Tar to CPAN version 2.14
8 hours ago Aaron Craneperldelta: delete unneeded sections
8 hours ago Aaron Craneperldelta: draft for commits up to 3cc6a05eed
8 hours ago Dagfinn Ilmari... Include time.h when testing for clock_xxx functions...
9 hours ago Lukas Maiperly.y: remove redundant NULL casts
6 hours ago v5.25.6 Sixth release of the v5.25 series...
8 days ago v5.24.1-RC4 Perl 5.24.1-RC4
8 days ago v5.22.3-RC4 Perl 5.22.3-RC4
4 weeks ago v5.25.5 Fifth release of the v5.25 series!
2 months ago v5.25.4 The thing's hollow -- it goes on...
2 months ago v5.24.1-RC3 Perl 5.24.1-RC3
2 months ago v5.22.3-RC3 Perl 5.22.3-RC3
2 months ago v5.24.1-RC2 Perl 5.24.1-RC2
2 months ago v5.22.3-RC2 Perl 5.22.3-RC2
3 months ago v5.25.3 Perl 5.25.3
3 months ago v5.24.1-RC1 Perl 5.24.1-RC1
3 months ago v5.22.3-RC1 Perl 5.22.3-RC1
4 months ago v5.25.2 Perl v5.25.2!
5 months ago v5.25.1 Second release of the 5.25 series!
5 months ago v5.25.0 First release of the v5.25 series!
5 months ago v5.24.0 First release of the v5.24 series!
4 hours ago dcollins/tests_rebased
5 hours ago blead
6 hours ago ap/baseincguard
6 hours ago smoke-me/ilmari/clockid_t
2 days ago smoke-me/fix_129903_129897
2 days ago smoke-me/jhi/ibm-cray-fp
2 days ago smoke-me/khw-regcomp
3 days ago yves/fix_129897
5 days ago smoke-me/khw-encode
6 days ago smoke-me/jhi/slowpoke
7 days ago maint-5.24
7 days ago maint-5.22
9 days ago smoke-me/jkeenan/dcollins/129851
11 days ago smoke-me/jkeenan/aleynikov/2nd-129789-darwin-time-hires
2 weeks ago smoke-me/jkeenan/aleynikov/129789-darwin-time-hires
2 weeks ago hv/study_chunk