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last changeMon, 3 Aug 2015 02:48:54 +0000
45 hours ago Ricardo Signesadd a small note that find2perl is not in core blead
46 hours ago Daniel DraganSafefree(NULL) reduction
46 hours ago Tony Cookuse a more sensible homepage value for XSLoader
46 hours ago Reini Urbanxs_boot_epilog (Xp): change ax from U32 to I32
2 days ago Jarkko HietaniemiRemove uselongdoubles false claim.
2 days ago Jarkko HietaniemiCheck for POSIX locales once.
3 days ago Karl Williamsonutf8.h: Add dummy param for when macros placed in API
3 days ago Karl Williamsont/op/tr.t: Fix comment
3 days ago Karl Williamsonutf8.h: Fix typo in macro name definition
3 days ago Karl Williamsonutf8.h, utfebcdic.h: Add comments; white-space only
3 days ago Karl Williamsont/opbasic/cmp.t: Add test for NUL
3 days ago Karl Williamsonpp_pack.c: Add comment
3 days ago Karl Williamsonpp.c: Fix typo in comment
3 days ago Karl Williamsonregen/ Suppress extra null array...
3 days ago Karl Williamsonutf8.h: Add UTF8_SKIP as a synonym for UTF8SKIP
3 days ago Karl Williamsonutfebcdic.h: Comments only
2 weeks ago v5.23.1 Second release of the v5.23 series!
6 weeks ago v5.23.0 First release of the v5.23 series!
2 months ago v5.22.0 First release of the v5.20 series!
2 months ago v5.22.0-RC2 Second RC of first release of the...
2 months ago v5.22.0-RC1 First RC of first release of the...
3 months ago v5.21.11 Perl 5.21.11
4 months ago v5.21.10 Perl 5.21.10
5 months ago v5.21.9 Ninth release of the v5.21 series
5 months ago v5.20.2 Perl 5.20.2
6 months ago v5.20.2-RC1 Perl 5.20.2-RC1
6 months ago v5.21.8 Release 5.21.8
7 months ago v5.21.7 Eigth release of the v5.21 series!
8 months ago v5.21.6 Mae hyn yn v5.21.6
9 months ago v5.21.5 Release 5.21.5
10 months ago v5.18.4 Fifth release of the v5.18 series!
10 months ago v5.18.3 Fourth release of the v5.18 series!
19 hours ago khw/ebcdic
45 hours ago blead
2 days ago smoke-me/jhi/minitest
5 days ago smoke-me/jkeenan/125721-hash-utils-recurse
6 days ago smoke-me/jhi/de-u64type
7 days ago smoke-me/jhi/u64
7 days ago maint-5.20-votes
7 days ago maint-5.20
13 days ago smoke-me/jhi/no-c-inc
3 weeks ago smoke-me/davem/contextsB
3 weeks ago smartmatchtoo
3 weeks ago smoke-me/khw-ctrl_char_vars
3 weeks ago smoke-me/jkeenan/125563-module-corelist
5 weeks ago smoke-me/arc/rt125469-maint
5 weeks ago smoke-me/jhi/coverity
7 weeks ago bingos/EUMM-7.05_22