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last changeFri, 24 Jun 2016 08:32:44 +0000
13 hours ago Lukas Maiperlnewmod: more updates blead
17 hours ago Father Chrysostomos[perl #128238] Crash with non-stash in stash
17 hours ago Father Chrysostomosstash.t: Remove tyrone::slothrop
21 hours ago Todd RinaldoSync CPAN Locale::Maketext 1.27 with blead
23 hours ago Father ChrysostomosFix stupid test in 9uninit
25 hours ago Father ChrysostomosPreserve 64-bit array offsets in uninit warnings
26 hours ago Craig A. Berrysvpeek.t: $? is localized now.
33 hours ago Aristotle PagaltzisModule::CoreList: cut TieHashDelta out of everybody...
33 hours ago Aristotle PagaltzisModule::CoreList: prepare for better legibility of...
2 days ago Yves Ortonchange manisort to produce a more intuitive order
2 days ago Yves OrtonChange scalar(%hash) to be the same as 0+keys(%hash)
2 days ago Yves OrtonAdd a perldelta entry for recursive subpattern screwup...
2 days ago Yves OrtonAdd perldelta for POSIX memory leak fix
2 days ago Karl Williamsonperldelta for Unicode 9.0
2 days ago Unicode ConsortiumUse Unicode 9.0
2 days ago Karl WilliamsonPrepare for Unicode 9.0
4 days ago v5.25.2 Perl v5.25.2!
5 weeks ago v5.25.1 Second release of the 5.25 series!
6 weeks ago v5.25.0 First release of the v5.25 series!
6 weeks ago v5.24.0 First release of the v5.24 series!
7 weeks ago v5.24.0-RC5 Fifth release candidate of v5.24.0
7 weeks ago v5.24.0-RC4 Fourth RC of v5.24.0
8 weeks ago v5.22.2 Perl 5.22.2
8 weeks ago v5.24.0-RC3 Third RC of v5.24.0
2 months ago v5.24.0-RC2 Second release candidate of v5...
2 months ago v5.24.0-RC1 First release candidate of v5.24.0
2 months ago v5.22.2-RC1 Perl 5.22.2-RC1
3 months ago v5.23.9 10th release of the 5.23 series
4 months ago v5.23.8 Ninth release of the v5.23 series
5 months ago v5.23.7 The 5.23.7 release tag
6 months ago v5.23.6 Seventh release of the v5.23 series
6 months ago v5.22.1 Perl 5.22.1
13 hours ago blead
5 days ago smoke-me/ilmari/Size_t
8 days ago maint-votes
8 days ago tonyc/128316-errno-sanity
9 days ago smoke-me/khw-regcomp
11 days ago smoke-me/devel-ppport-3.34
11 days ago tonyc/127663-safe-inplace
2 weeks ago khw/ebcdic
2 weeks ago maint-5.22
2 weeks ago maint-5.24
3 weeks ago yves/yves5142
3 weeks ago yves/yves5182
3 weeks ago smoke-me/khw-regex
3 weeks ago sprout/mywack
4 weeks ago sprout/encoding
6 weeks ago yves/fix_128085