descriptionperl5 metaconfig repository
last changeTue, 31 May 2016 18:42:50 +0000
2016-05-31 Aaron CraneNew probe for strerror_l() master querylocale
2016-05-31 Aaron CraneNew probe for querylocale()
2016-05-29 H.Merijn Brand... dist/meta merge after acceptance upstream
2016-05-29 H.Merijn Brand... Finish.U isn't modified anymore
2016-05-14 H.Merijn Brand... Spelling in dist installation
2016-05-14 H.Merijn Brand... Remove trailing whitespace on meta-lines in unit files
2016-05-14 H.Merijn Brand... Confused? You won't be after the next version of pigs...
2016-05-14 H.Merijn Brand... Merged changes to Finish.U
2016-05-14 Aaron CraneTweak Csym.U probe to handle GCC 6 -flto
2016-05-14 Aaron CraneDon't croak when usecrosscompile but no targethost
2016-04-23 H.Merijn Brand... Bring more dist in line with dist-git
2016-04-23 Aaron Crane[UTIL] Perl system does not default to $_
2016-04-23 Aaron Crane[UTIL] mconfig: don't rely on directory order
2016-04-23 H.Merijn Brand... Update README for FS type and mconfig
2016-04-23 H.Merijn Brand... removed but saved old dist folder
2016-04-22 H.Merijn Brand... One down, too many to go arc/tmp-tux
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